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India in the World of Design has Been a Global Trendsetter: Sonali Rastogi, Founding Partner, Morphogenesis

A debate on something as important as workplace is very essential because that’s where a lot of us spend majority of our waking hours in a day

For more than a decade, office designs have graciously embraced the concepts of minimalistic and functional designs along with hot-desking, glass cubicles and informal breakout areas to increase productivity. Today the debate about the office of the future is re-examining the role of the physical space vis-a-vis workplace transformation. The solutions are becoming highly specific to the modern workplace with the advent of technological innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Whilst there is no one prescriptive way forward, the only thing constant is maximizing benefits for the occupants while reducing energy and waste, using sustainable practices and reconfigurability to respond to rapid changes.

Today, employees spend a better part of their working time in offices where they would like to feel safe and comfortable and where all amenities are made available to them. Keeping this growing relevance of workplace culture in mind, the first of its kind conclave on workplaces called, “The Workplace Trends Conclave was hosted on 15th November at Hyatt Regency, Delhi.”

On what is the potential of Workplace Trends India Conclave, Sonali Rastogi, Founding Partner, Morphogenesis said, “A debate on something as important as workplace is very essential because that is where a majority of us spend our time all day. Today, workplace drives a large part of the growth in the country. Also, with electronic modes of working, digital communication and a global-local emergence trend, it becomes important to analyze how we work, and what is the vision for the future and What are the defining parameters? “

On being associated with this platform and the vision behind it, Sonali Rastogi said, “To be associated with this platform is great. I think it is the first time in India that such a focussed workplace event is taking place. I appreciate the fact that it will have global voices as well as local voices which have a global impact. That kind of melting point is necessary to take the debate to the next step.”

With India being a thought leader in design, she adds, “India in the world of design has been a global trendsetter. In doing a web search on India, the first several sites are about buildings, spaces and human habitation. We have seen leadership in a few flashes post-independence. With growth being seen in this part of the world this is our opportunity to set a trend as leaders. Therefore, this conclave is at the right time and place.”

In the current India Inc. she says, “This kind of conclave is extremely necessary as the world is looking towards India for development and growth. With accelerated growth there will be an emergence of new typologies of industries and of Offices. When WeWork came in a few years ago, one wondered if it was an office space workplace company, was it a technology-based company or a real estate company. Similarly, there is a lot that has been experimented with, which can be debated about and there are a lot of expectations of what the future holds.”

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