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How is Technology Evolving the Travel Industry

Technology has brought about a vast change and growth in the travel and tourism industry. With the help of technology, travelers are now able to conduct a better research about their destination and they also make better booking choices.

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Indian industries are witnessing a turbulent wave, with the advancement in technology and onset of digitalization. Travel and tourism industry was no less and has been largely influenced by the technological evolution and is the one stop solution for all the travel and tourism related services. The travel industry has seen some of the most profound changes in modern business and has been defined as the sectored system of innovation and production. Travel strategies and plans have been revolutionized after improvement in the information technology systems.

Technology has not only forced the travel industry to move a step forward in the 21st century, but it has also embraced the travel and tourism industry whole heartedly to include the masses.  Previously, the travel and tourism industry was all about going to a travel agent well in advance, for any travel plans. With the advent of modern technology, sudden travel plans can materialize very well, using online travel portals. The advent of mobile technology, has also influenced the travel and tourism industry largely. Mobile phones allow the access to internet, which makes it easier for travelers to make their bookings online. Technological advancement, give complete power to the travelers, giving them plenty options to carefully analyze and decide their tour packages.

India has the world’s third largest population of internet users, which made it very easy for the online travel industry to develop. Online ticketing and planning is very convenient for the travelers as the end-to-end process is much easier and time-efficient. Nowadays, people want quality services and sustainable travelling. The advancement in internet has led to the formation of many last minute online portals, which effectively organize and distribute inventories to the travelers. Technological improvements in the travel and tourism industry, not only benefit the travelers, but also the service providers. There are many airlines which have started applying online applications, making access to the reservation system easier for them. Therefore, now the travelers can search for their dream destination amidst many other options in a very short span of time. Visa application and processing time have also become very efficient via online mode. 61% of the population got hold of their visa before travel, while travelling to several tourist destinations in 2015, according to

The advancement in technology also helps the travelers, in choosing personalized and customized services. Technology also helps the travelers, by keeping them connected to the service providers 24*7. Given below are some key developments that have been witnessed in the travel and tourism industry, using advanced technology:

1. Hotel and Guest Bookings:

A great shift has been noticed in the way a hotel accommodation is booked. Earlier, people would walk-in or call at the hotel for room reservation. These days, online portals have made it simpler and more convenient for the travelers to book from anywhere and avail great discounts. With an efficient Wi-Fi connection, they can book their hotel accommodation well in advance of their check-in date.

2. Web check-ins and mobile boarding pass:

Technology enabled services like web-check in and issuance of e-boarding passes are very prevalent these days. This is very convenient for travelers who are on a short travel or 1-day business trips as they do not have to check-in any baggage, and can directly proceed from the parking lot to security check. These passes are sent directly to the smartphones from a secure web server and can easily be scanned by the gate agent while boarding the plane. This helps them save time and avoid long queues at the airport counter.

3. Online travel agencies:

Online travel agencies have surged rapidly with the onset of technological advancements. This has made it very easy for the travelers to plan their vacation according to their preferences, vis-à-vis booking a travel through agents. These traditional agents charged a very high commission, whereas these online travel agencies are extremely cost effective and convenient. Through these online travel agencies, travelers can easily read the reviews and make a wise decision for their mode of travel and accommodation.

4. Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi enabled railway stations, airports and flights make the monotonous trips fun filled. When there is no network, while travelling, these Wi-Fi connections are a savior. While traveling they can conduct research on the main tourist spots to visit. Travelers can also watch movies in case of long flights and in a long train journey.


Technology has brought about a vast change and growth in the travel and tourism industry. With the help of technology, travelers are now able to conduct a better research about their destination and they also make better booking choices. Traveling has become convenient and easy for the people; which has also increased the number of people who travel. Low cost carriers and online travel agencies, act as a savior for the ones who have to travel urgently. Technology has a long way to go, in improving the travel process and boosting the number of travelers. Though technological advancement has come a long way in Indian travel history, but it still has a long way to traverse.

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