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How is PeeSafe innovating to fight the Coronavirus Pandemic?

In an interview with BW Businessworld, Mr.Vikas Bagaria, Founder Pee Safe talks about how the personal hygiene brand is innovating to fight the Coronavirus Pandemic.

What challenges is the company facing majorly due to the lockdowns and how do you plan to combat it?

The lockdown, although necessary considering the current health situation, has not been easy for the business sector. Our biggest challenge is the fact that the restrictions have made it impossible for us to ship orders. We had to shut our warehouse after the announcement of the lockdown. Even though the restrictions are in place, our products such as the alcohol-based hand sanitizer and N95 masks are required by some of the hospitals to carry out their operations. Since our products fall in the essential services category, we are being given a curfew pass every once in a while and we try to utilize the opportunity to help the medical staff and people engaged in saving others’ lives.

Are you offering any employee benefits amid the Covid-19 crisis? What initiatives are being taken by Pee Safe to provide relief?

We are as committed to the safety and well-being of our employees as we are towards the society. We have provided work from home option to all our employees and are conducting Zoom calls with all our team members, twice a day. The aim is to ensure that none of us is distressed or faces any difficulty in managing things during the lockdown. We are also ensuring that the salaries of our employees are processed early this time. 

Along with COVID-19 comes an economic pandemic as well.  How do you plan to proceed with the business model after the pandemic is controlled?

The economic crisis is inevitable. Also, once the COVID-19 outbreak is contained, it won’t be the end of all viral infections or the need for sanitation. Even after the pandemic comes under control, we will continue to introduce new products which will be helpful in ensuring germ-free living for our customers on a daily basis. 

COVID-19 outbreak has not just been a viral infection but has also taught us a very important lesson on personal hygiene. Since Pee Safe is in this industry, we are already well-versed with the benefits and importance of hygienic living. Now, we are hoping that the masses would also understand this and take steps accordingly.

How will Raho Safe be a change maker and distinguishes from other pee safe products?

Pee Safe has been predominantly a personal hygiene range of products and we have recently launched a new range of products under the brand name Raho Safe. The launch came amidst the rising concern around personal hygiene in India and the consecutive increase in demand for hand sanitizers, multi surface protectants and other products. Raho Safe is not only a more affordable range but also kills 99.9% of the germs. 

Since its launch, Pee Safe has been committed towards ensuring better hygiene and sanitation for all consumers. With the Raho Safe products, the brand has gone a step ahead in reaching out to a larger segment of the population and underscored its mission. 

The products under Raho Safe include an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and a multipurpose surface protectant. Apart from having a neem base, products start from INR 99, making them affordable for everyone. 

The Raho Safe Hand Sanitizer is anti-bacterial and it has a faster effect on microbes, thus, reducing the time spent on hand washing. It is a natural neem extract based sanitizer. The Raho Safe Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Spray is capable of forming a long lasting bond with any surface. It provides an invisible layer of protection to prevent contamination and is advisable to use every 7 days for best results.

Are the desired sales of Raho Safe being achieved amid lockdown?

The countrywide lockdown was announced only a few days after the launch of our Raho Safe range. Subsequently, we had to shut down our website operations and stop shipments from our warehouse. This has definitely made us fall short of our targets for now. However, we will definitely witness good sales numbers once the situation returns to normalcy after lifting of lockdown. 

Does Pee Safe plan to launch further product lines during the outbreak?

Throughout Pee Safe’s journey, we have constantly focused on the need points of our customers and have expanded our product offerings accordingly. 

As of now our operations are shut due to the lockdown and we are not going to launch any new products during this lockdown situation. However, once things normalize, there are products that we have identified and will be launching them systematically in future. 

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