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How Two 22 Year Old Entrepreneurs are Changing the Way People Decide What to Wear and Buy

“The aim is to provide instant and personalised advice to everyone who gets confused in deciding what to wear or buy for any occasion” says Aakash Kakkar.

Kakcho Team

How many times have we felt confused in deciding what to wear before going out for a date or a party or an interview? A lot of times. Right? No worries, Kakcho - Your Fashion Friend” is here to make you look good. This Delhi based startup focuses on rediscovering the way people decide what to wear and buy by connecting them to fashion stylists and industry experts. These fashion stylists have full knowledge about body types, complexions, new trends and after analysing every user they suggest them what to wear and buy.

The company was founded by Aakash and Ridhima last year after realising that before going to an important occasion such as a date, party, interview, wedding they used to spend a lot of time deciding what to wear. After looking at different solutions to their problem they realised none of them was robust and trustworthy. Asking friends on WhatsApp, looking at bloggers and celebrities for inspiration just led to more confusion. Finally, Kakcho was born with an aim to provide dependable and efficient fashion advice to more than 500 million millennials.

“The aim is to provide instant and personalised advice to everyone who gets confused in deciding what to wear or buy for any occasion” says Aakash Kakkar.

After doing a beta with little over thousand users and solving more than ten thousand styling queries, the duo launched the Kakcho application in February this year. Kakcho has already seen an amazing response with more than 80 thousand users generating thousands of chat sessions on a daily basis. The application is currently available on Android Play store and can be downloaded for free.

“Kakcho is a tech startup with fashion at its core. Push AI in conversational interface and automation helps us deal with our daily traffic” Says Ridhima Chopra.

The fashion industry in India is worth $70 Billion and out of that $35 Billion is digitally influenced. The perks in creating a human augmented system is that humans are smart and can take care of the complicated situations and focus on different nitty gritties that exist during the interaction. The world is changing and it’s time we start riding the greatest wave humanity has ever seen i.e. Artificial Intelligence.

The last one year has been like a rollercoaster for the duo. Everyday has been a new fight with both Ridhima and Aakash learning new things and getting exposed to new challenges. There was a time they used to stand at Paan shops and explain to people about their idea and today they are acquiring more than 500 users everyday. Both the founders believe that their team is the sole reason why they have grown at such a rapid pace. The entire team is passionate about the idea and puts their heart & soul to make things work. They understand that the future holds a lot of new and exciting things and they are ready for it. With a goal to acquire 500 thousand users by the end of the year and hit a revenue of 20 lakhs, the current focus is on Indian market and plan to enter the United States market soon.

Kakcho team is excited and are continuously running to become: YOUR FASHION FRIEND!

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