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How This Guy Grew His Passion to a Platform With Over 9M Audience

The idea of Typewriters Voice was born out of needs when Jainender started looking for a platform that is inspirational but ended up creating one for himself.

The art of storytelling has seen a major shift, today it involves narrative designs, new nonlinear and interactive forms of the media. But wanting to keep the art of traditional story alive, Jainender Jindal created a platform - Typewriters Voice.

The idea of Typewriters Voice was born out of needs when Jainender started looking for a platform that is inspirational but ended up creating one for himself. Typewriters Voice creates visually engaging content that can create an aided-recall among its readers who are looking for some inspiration and peace.

According to Jainender Jindal,” The art of storytelling will rise substantially, even if the mode of storytelling has shifted from virtual to visual. Good stories elicit positive emotions towards our platform, sustainably influencing the customer loyalty. Typewriters Voice will continue to be “read”, albeit by a slowly growing, distinguished audience, as it will has already gained a lot of visible-readership,”

Speaking upon the difficulties faced while making the story compelling and engaging, Jainender says, “Your audience will be able to relate to your platform if you empathise with them and they empathise with you. When you’re building a story, data tells you a lot about how to make it effective - even how to help it go viral,”

When he started this campaign then very little did he realize that this platform will be appreciated by a lot of readers. Jainender Jindal, who considers himself an introvert, always loved the idea behind one-liners and short poems and started Typewriters voice on 31st January 2017.

With not so appealing content initially, Jainender Jindal saw the audience’s response that inspired him to make multiple changes to the platform. Once he started, within Two and a Half months his page hit the First Million Followers and people from all walks of life had started appreciating the platform.

One of the video has 21 Million views with more than 43,000  shares, he plans to reach the same numbers on other social media platforms like Instagram. 

He started receiving hundreds of messages a day from his followers who were able to overcome their emotional issues, this made him create more engaging content and start devising strategies to maintain the fan-following, soon he started getting many adverts requests but that did not work in the longer run.  

Speaking about the revenue, Initially Jainender thought about making it a commercial platform but received distraction from the audience, who were not very keen on seeing the adverts, “The thing about having millions of followers is that it attracts many adverts which were tempting and did make me earn good from the platform but following the some flak from the users and losing some of them, I realised that running my page ad-free or ads that are also inspiring will be a much better option,”

“After that I have refrained from using any promotional activities as our audience used to feel distracted, which can reduce the impact of the platform. I plan to focus more on Videos than Images as Facebook has already made it clear that this is an era of increasing the video reach and support,” concludes Jainender. 

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