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How Small Sellers Can Utilize Logistics Fulfillment Facilities For 1-2-Day Delivery

Logistics fulfillment platforms are the ideal solution for small businesses as they extinguish the issue of order backlogs, reduce shipping costs, and provide faster shipping.

Over the past decade, particularly the past couple of years, India’s e-commerce and logistics industries have achieved exponential growth. India’s e-commerce growth has surged in recent years and will continue to do so, at the annual rate of 51%, one of the highest for any region in the world. With the pandemic highlighting the significance of seamless, tech-driven logistics and supply chains, players in the industry are ensuring greater efficiency, speed, and accuracy, on a larger scale. These developments come alongside fast-changing consumer behavior and preferences as more and more consumers opt for online shopping and same-day or next-day delivery of the shipments.

The number of small sellers turning to third-party logistics platforms has also skyrocketed, especially with hyperlocal deliveries gaining traction. However, small sellers often find it challenging to meet the growing consumer demand for 1-2-day delivery due to a lack of resources. Besides, small businesses often assume that outsourcing their logistics can cost them more and require capital that they don’t possess – a common misconception. On the contrary, outsourcing their logistics can be more cost-efficient while also efficiently meeting consumer demand. So, how can small sellers utilize logistics fulfillment facilities for 1-2-day deliveries?

Inventory Storage and Management

For small sellers, storing and management of inventory and warehousing often pose a challenge as they do not have sufficient resources to store and ship the items efficiently. With logistics fulfillment platforms, small businesses can store their inventory in thoroughly equipped fulfillment centers across multiple locations in the country that deliver end-to-end solutions. Besides, logistics fulfillment centers allow businesses to meet consumer demand without having to invest additionally in warehouse infrastructure and management, thereby enabling them to focus on other key metrics and aspects that cannot be outsourced.

Cutting-edge Technology, Highly Skilled Teams, and Quicker Deliveries

Logistics fulfillment platforms cater to businesses of all sizes across the country, and they do this efficiently due to technology-powered operations on a large scale driven by automation, IoT, Machine Learning, etc. Fulfillment platforms have warehouses that are equipped with the latest warehouse management software to manage and process incoming orders in the fastest possible way with the least number of errors. This would be a massive advantage for small sellers as installing such software can prove to be expensive.

Furthermore, logistics fulfillment platforms, given their PAN India presence, have a vast network of experienced delivery partners as well as a highly skilled/trained team of employees to ensure end-to-end, last-mile order fulfillment. The team’s expertise enhances the quality of order fulfillment and also gives sellers greater control over the accuracy. Since the teams follow the best standards for inventory management, order processing, and shipping, sellers will be able to cater to their consumers’ growing demand for same-day or next-day deliveries.

Moreover, for small sellers who have a solid online presence – an increasingly common attribute since the onset of the pandemic, it can become a challenge to manage orders from various marketplaces. Opting for the services of a logistics fulfillment platform will allow the platform to sync the channels and ensure streamlined and seamless order processing.

In Conclusion…

Approximately 70% of customers tend to abandon their shopping carts while shopping online due to a variety of reasons including complicated order processing and lack of fast deliveries. Awaiting a package that they have ordered online is perhaps the most impatient time for customers, making 1-2-day deliveries a dream come true for them. Starting with e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Flipkart, these 1-2-day deliveries have trickled down to small sellers who are now increasingly looking to provide faster deliveries.

Logistics fulfillment platforms are the ideal solution for small businesses as they extinguish the issue of order backlogs, reduce shipping costs, and provide faster shipping. All small sellers need to do is simply opt for the right logistics fulfillment platform to delegate operations for optimum efficiency that will ensure an impeccable customer experience.

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