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Pallavi Jha

The author is chairperson and managing director at Dale Carnegie Training India

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How Happy Employees are the Best Brand Advocates of a Company

In today’s hyper-connected world, having happy employees be your brand ambassadors should be the ultimate aim of every HR department.

The definition of the ideal workplace has evolved to get to where it is today. Organizations who take their employer reputations seriously are constantly competing with one another to raise the bar further - the most recent development in this sphere being the creation of an entire department dedicated purely to Employee Experience. Employee advocacy is a critical element of a brand’s success, especially since in today’s digital age, companies don’t have as much social capital as people do.

Press articles are full of employer branding stories extolling the virtues of flexi-time, maternal and paternal leave and daycare centers. Why? Because a strong employer brand simply helps an organization too significantly for the concept to be ignored; be it through PR and marketing cost savings, attracting the best talent, retaining high performers, or driving workplace engagement.

The reality is that the ‘social media generation’ is less trusting of traditional marketing techniques, and instead looks for authentic information. Employee advocacy bridges this gap, sharing unbiased information that people can trust. Some key platforms related to employer branding are LinkedIN, Twitter or Facebook, as well as websites such as Glassdoor, where content can range from highlighting employees’ personal achievements, people-friendly policies, pictures showcasing the human side of business and unique engagement initiatives. Needless to say, evidence of a satisfied workforce is one of the first things to impress potential candidates, and employees who are recognized as thought leaders and social influencers have the opportunity to significantly engage external audiences and leverage digital content.

In today’s hyper-connected world, having happy employees be your brand ambassadors should be the ultimate aim of every HR department. HR professionals can follow sales principles to create employee testimonials and case studies of growth paths to inspire new recruits and attract the best talent. In the marketplace, the statement of an employee about a brand tends to hold more weight than a statement coming from the company’s PR machine. While one or two employees’ negative word of mouth might not be a cause for concern, it is imperative to ensure that the cause for dissatisfaction is not systemic.

With employees being the most trusted sources for customers, it's vital that your company's employees are encouraged to participate in your brand. So how do you cultivate brand ambassadors internally? Start by identifying the core values of your company and your brand: who you are, what you do and what you stand for. Then, look to foster these values in your workforce by creating an environment where employees enjoy going to work, have a sense of organizational pride, and feel their efforts are noticed and rewarded.

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