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Sandeep Chaudhary

Sandeep Chaudhary is the Founder of Nikulsan, a renowned Integrated Marketing and Communications Company, with a dominant client base in Real estate, Telecommunications and Retail.

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How Digital Innovations Help Build a Tangible Approach to Marketing Spends For Any Business?

Overall, with the advancements in digital innovations, the metrics have become tangible and the businesses can be outgrown more rapidly and effectively with the evolving trends and behavioural patterns.

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Digital marketing innovations and strategies capture your audience in a way you can never imagine. They draw and keep their consideration on your product, service or advertising. Today, your innovation and creativity distinguishes you from your competitor brand. Innovative marketing strategies could result in the form of technological advancements, quirky videos, interactive content or by increasing the transparency between the business decision makers and the end-users.

As a brand or entrepreneur, would you like to have an indistinguishable positioning from your rival or would you like to be to few degrees diverse and significant ? I assume you would need to have a recognisable edge to your brand. You must utilise the uniqueness to out prove yourself and your brand from the rest.

Moreover, anyways, you cannot just stick to the conventional ways of marketing things. In current scenario, when there is a great sense of competitiveness and choices for end-users, innovative digital marketing strategies would differentiate your marketing endeavours and vision. Digital Marketing is making utilization of different sorts of advances and developments to outgrow your business. It is very important for you as a brand to understand what will work and what won’t, especially in regards to your digital marketing efforts and spends.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for the advancement of products or services on the Internet including mobile. It incorporates:

1 SEO and Social Sharing
2 Search Engine Marketing
3 Social Media Marketing
4 Display Advertising
5 Email Marketing
6 Affiliate Marketing.

The basics of digital marketing are simply the basics of marketing. Period! But if backed with innovations, digital platform can be an exponential accelerator. You must help consumers make the best purchasing decisions.

There are the recent advancements in the digital domain which are helping business prosper. They have added a new dimension by giving tangibility to the marketing outcomes. In all the below mentioned innovations, you as a business have a fair idea of the spends and the ROI received.

Virtual Reality -

Virtual reality (VR) commonly alludes to computer technologies that use a software to produce realistic pictures, sounds and different vibes which then repeat a genuine situation (or make a nonexistent setting), and mimic a client's physical presence in this environment, by empowering the client to connect with this space and any items portrayed in that using projectors and different gadgets. Clearly real estate is utilising it’s effectively as a measurable tool. It can minimise your decision making and site-visit time ! You can get a real feel of the house before you actually visit it.

In fact, you can experience the entire apartment without actually going to the site !

Augmented Reality -

Augmented reality (AR) is a live or backhanded perspective of a physical, true environment whose components are expanded (or supplemented) by computer created tactile information; for example, sound, video, illustrations. It is identified with a more broad idea called interceded reality, in which a perspective of the truth is adjusted (perhaps even decreased instead of expanded) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality. For instance, Pokemon Go.

It has forced people to move out of their houses. If clubbed with fitness apps, it can do wonders for their business. Also, a lot of fashion brands are utilising it these days.

Geo-targeting and Spends -

The best part about any digital campaign is that it can be geo targeted and you can actually control and measure the spends on an activity level unlike an offline branding campaign.

Tangibility is the best thing that has ever happened with the inception of these digital innovations. E-commerce players use these to the fullest. You can monitor everything - be it reach, conversions, analytics and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

Email Marketing -

This is by far the most cost-effective mode of marketing when it comes to digital marketing. It’s all about optimising your list of people whose inboxes you can penetrate into. Once you have the list, it becomes relatively easier to reach out to them. With those innovating tools coming into picture you have Open rate, Click-through rate, Unsubscription rate , Click-to-open rate and Unsubscribe-to-open rate parameters at your finger-tips.

360 degrees views and drone shoots -

Facebook has as of late propelled this idea. You can now effortlessly share 360 photographs on Facebook. It gives an extremely realistic touch to a photograph and drone shoots to really showcase the real-time happenings in and around a specific area. Once again, realtors are using it to effectively tap the NRI customers, who do not have to come down to the actual property site and can gauge the nearby surrounds etc.

Here are some other advantages of keeping your business alive and thriving in the digital space with respect to keeping it tangible -

a) Virtual connections:
The buyers with the most money have minimal measure of time. In any case, they have fast Internet lines at home and at work. What's more critical is the fact that they need to buy when they need it. Technological advancements have made it possible in a few clicks.

b) Keep it catchy and jazzy: The first and foremost rule of sales is that the product must look good. Visual appeal costs a great deal, however its value is inestimable. Your digital marketing ideas must likewise be splendid. Usage of tangible and economically feasible ideas will provide a thrust of excellence and connectivity to your business.

c) Show your clients what they want: Success requires curiosity, courage and instinct. It obliges you to look past straightforward answers and impulsive consumer rejection. The client does not generally realize what they want. Digital Marketing innovations permits you to show them.

d) Take goliath jumps: Incremental advances and stability has never won any wars in marketing.To change the world, you must show foresight, courage, and mettle. Enormous wins require huge dreams.Think big in your digital marketing boots.

e) No innovation means decline:
Brands are continually moving—up and down. Therefore,companies must figure out how to utilize quantitative measurements, track the client’s incomes and benefits. As a marketeer you must be on your toes.On the off chance that you are not enhancing, you are on a decline’. Digital marketing analytics must be fine tuned to get the finest results.

Overall, with the advancements in digital innovations, the metrics have become tangible and the businesses can be outgrown more rapidly and effectively with the evolving trends and behavioural patterns.

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