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Aniketh Jain

Aniketh Jain is the General Manager of APAC, Enterprise Cloud Business. His expertise in Business Process Automation and Product Management helps clients reach a large target audience, lower operational costs, and add value to products.

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How Cloud Telephony is Enhancing the Growth in Businesses

It’s no surprise that cloud has steadily improved business functions, thus providing a wider array of opportunities for business growth.

“According to a report from Deloitte, 74% of the companies are willing to move the technology to cloud if they have to adopt to new technology platforms”. This shows the enormous scope that Cloud has created in the last decade. Cloud not only managed to simplify the complex risks of maintenance and installation of infrastructure but also cut down on costs at multiple levels of an organization. Cloud has embarked a revolution of managing a company’s technology by a third party resource, providing more scalable opportunities for employees and customers on demand. It’s no surprise that cloud has steadily improved business functions, thus providing a wider array of opportunities for business growth.

Disaster Recovery Management

Through Cloud Technologies businesses will no longer have to manually take up data backup process. Cloud Technology enhances Backup Management by reducing the necessity of periodical backups. Backups can be done the whole day hence data that’s created is immediately saved. Cloud Technology also reduces the need of physical hard drives and saves it on cloud thus reducing the chances of potential risk. Incase of any disasters, recovery becomes easy as the data is backed up on cloud and not on any physical device. Another major challenge that cloud has managed to crack is that of data security. With proper encryption models in place, cloud ensures that the data is secured and immune to vulnerabilities.

Data Sharing and Collaboration

With teams coming together like never before, and globalization coming into play, managing data and enriched content is a major challenge for companies. With Cloud technologies providing ample spaces for data storage, companies no longer find it difficult to navigate resources across teams. What’s added immense value to this process is the fact that the data stored on cloud is accessible to the teams with multiple sharing options to customize visibility and accessibility. Cloud has managed to reduce constraints in accessibility of information at multi departmental and hierarchical levels as the same pitch desk or the document can be accessed by any team member, on any device, at any location. By data resources being readily available, decision making process becomes quicker and easier

Promotes Remote Working

With Globalization being the new business jargon, companies encourage travel and this makes accessibility out of office a challenge. But Cloud has successfully broken that barrier by enabling remote working facilities to employees and vendors. This initiative drastically improves the productivity of employees outside office.

From the company’s perspective, this increases the opportunity to pick talent from a wider pool of resources thus breaking the barriers of location and access.

Provides Multi Device Access

Gone are the days when people carry their laptops to everywhere they travel. Mobility is the new mantra and usage of business applications on the mobile is the new trend. With Cloud technology, the challenge of accessing on device information is moved on to a cloud that can be accessed on any device. This connects and provides access to multiple channels 24/7 irrespective of location barriers. Cloud promotes mobility and hence the TAT for any concern is reduced by more than 50% according to Deloitte Report.

Scales up your startup

With young entrepreneurs starting their new ventures, there’s abundant requirement for wise investments. Cloud technology comes with a zero investment model, where no upfront investment on infrastructure or maintenance is required, enabling startups that operate on a lean model to invest wisely on other business facets that need more priorities.

Encourages Innovation

Products are drastically changing with increasing customer preferences. Cloud gives you opportunity to invest resources in test and trial of the products, improving the chances of creating customer centric products that adds value the retention rates. In this new era where customer is the king, satisfying the customer and high retention rates are parameters that lead to a progressive business growth.

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