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Hike Acquires Bangalore Based Technology Startup Creo

Today, Hike has over 300 employees spread across 2 offices in Delhi and Bangalore.

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Kavin Mittal, founder and CEO of Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger, India’s first home grown messaging and social technology company, has acquired the Creo team, a Bangalore-based technology startup.

Creo was founded by Sai Srinivas Kiran G, and Shubham Malhotra in December, 2013. Sai and Shubham are ex Hikers. The Creo team constitutes over 50+ members. In the past, they have launched hardware products that includes streaming media dongles and smartphones.

According to the Hike spokesperson, “The Creo team will begin work on a developer platform to enable 3rd party developers to build services on the Hike platform.”

Hike Messenger is the first messaging and social technology company made with love in India. It simplifies how people connect with others and changes the way they interact with content and services on mobile. It is the only successful Indian messaging platform with scale.

Hike was launched in 2012 and acquired a user base of over 100 million in January 2016. In August 2016, Hike raised its fourth round of funding of $175 million led by Tencent and Foxconn at a valuation of $1.4 billion, making it the fastest company in the India to attain a valuation of $1 billion, having reached the milestone in just 3.7 years. Investors in Hike include Tencent, Foxconn, Tiger Global, Softbank and Bharti. Apart from these, some of the top tech veterans from the Silicon Valley have also invested in the company and are advisors.                                                 

Today, Hike has over 300 employees spread across 2 offices in Delhi and Bangalore.

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