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Rachana Awathramani

Rachana Awathramani is the counseling psychologist and happiness counselor.

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Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a choice it does not matter whether you look within or you find it outside for me it is important that you are happy.


Today’s advertisements and promotions attract audiences to show that their products and services can give you happiness, Most of us might also feel that happiness can be experienced by achievements or by being famous, as that’s what we learn from our celebrities or we search happiness by being with someone or rather wanting someone in our life. We all experience happiness in various forms and seek them through different practices.

According to the UN the ultimate goal of humans is to be happy therefore it should be given utmost importance and an international day of happiness has been announced. This day you make a conscious effort to realize the importance and value of being happy.

A spiritualist would say that happiness is within us. We just need to wait take a break from our fast pace life and look within.

As a psychologist I have seen many people with various issues coming to me and realize that the only thing they want is to be happy. And somehow they all are searching for it in some or the other form. It is like someone searching their drawers, digging in their bag and looking for their mobile phone, while they are speaking on the phone.

Happiness is a choice it does not matter whether you look within or you find it outside for me it is important that you are happy. You can choose whichever path that comforts you. Enjoying your path and journey is important, by journey I mean your journey as a daughter or a son, your journey as a parent or as a boss, as a colleague as a friend, as a spouse, etc., each area of your life would have challenges and those cannot be compared with the other person and how much ever we wish to delete those challenges and stressors of our life we cannot eradicate it. The only thing we can do is face them or run from it. It is called flight or fight response.

I would like to add that it is better to accept it, you anyways have to deal with it rather deal with it with a smile than a frown face. The choice is yours whether you want to be happy and deal with a stressor or by being sad, you decide, choose any path spirituality, psychology or tips from teacher or parents, whoever guides you whatever inspires you, the final choice is yours. Others can show you the path but they cannot walk your path. Everyone can tell you how to live but cannot live your life. Therefore, happiness is a choice you can choose it right now at this very moment to be happy and choose it every moment that comes your way.

Let me share with you few tips on how you can celebrate this happiness day constructively:

1. Do something for a stranger today; you can buy flowers/food for someone you don’t know.
2. Give yourself a treat – buy something for yourself today
3. Exercise and take care of your body
4. Meditate and take care of your mind
5. Learn something new today; take up a trial hobby class, Visit a new place. Meet a new friend or read something new.
6. Connect with an old friend; speak to an old friend or a family member, meet them if you can.
7. Count your blessings today; make a list of things that you are grateful in your life.

You can do these small things every day and make it a part of your life. So get up and do something for yourself today and make that choice.

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