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Great Time To Be A Startup Founder In India

Women Economic Forum is the largest global gathering of women entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide.

The Women Economic Forum 2019 brings forth different business leaders from across the world who have been driving business and innovation.   

The session with Leaders of the Decade in Business and Innovation during the Women Economic Forum 2019 was graced by Michelle Ferrari- CEO of Great Place to Work, Mexico; Dr Aurora Martin, Head of Unit, ANES, Romania and Srikant Sastri, Co-founder, Crayon Data, Singapore and India.

Michelle at the helm of a big organization is trying to make places which turn out to be great places for women. She informs that closing of the gender gap is slowly becoming more of a conscious norm these days. But yet, women still have a long way to go. 

Dr Aurora, as a part of the Romanian Government, is vocal on women rights against discrimination. She has been working for years on creating a safe environment for girls to have access to education, to be equally paid, to be protected from any kind of discrimination. She informs that we need to rethink about women's reproductive rights. As a pioneer, she informs about the horrors of the current times where the seeds of Nationalism are growing across the world. History has been testimony on how Nationalism has used women for their own propaganda. So, as an activist, she gives a plea to the women that they shouldn’t allow any political party to use them as a tool for political agenda or propaganda. She ends by saying that “Your body is your right.”

Srikant being a founder of many startups says “Startup founders are literally rockstars.” He informs that this is a great time to be a startup founder in India. He as a founder himself encourages other young people to start their own ventures rather being a corporate slave. He believes that if 3.5 million women across the world are urged to do startups, it can change the world economy wonderfully.        

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