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Google Lunar $20M Prize Eligibles TeamIndus Announces Final Lab2Moon Competitors

Team Space4Life and India based Team ZΩI have been shortlisted to fly aboard the TeamIndus Spacecraft.

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TeamIndus is one of the few teams left in the running for the grand prize of 20 million dollars in Google’s Lunar XPrize.

Added to that, TeamIndus is the only Indian team competing for the Google Lunar XPrize. Their very own Lunar competition called Lab2Moon is a global competition for students under the age of 25 to imagine, design and build and experiment that will accelerate humanity’s transition to a multi planetary species.

Earlier this month, an international jury comprising Dr. K Kasturirangan, former Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation, Dr. Alain Bensoussan, former President of Centre National D'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and former Chairman of Council, European Space Agency and Dr. Priyamvada Natarajan, professor in the departments of Astronomy and Physics at Yale University examined in granular detail, the prototypes of these experiments that came in from all over the world.

Team Space4Life, which proposed an experiment to test the effectiveness of using a colony of Cyanobacteria as a shield against harmful radiation in space and India based Team ZΩI, which proposed an experiment to explore photosynthesis in space, have been shortlisted to fly aboard the TeamIndus spacecraft.

Six other teams and their experiments that have qualified are:

Team Callisto (India) - lunar dust accumulation analyser

Team EARS (India) - electrostatics active radiation shield experiment

Team Kalpana (India) - instrument for lunar dust analysis

Team Killa Lab (Peru) - an experiment testing microbial growth and decomposition

Team Lunadome (UK) - an inflatable dome experiment

Team Regolith Revolution (USA) - looking at the effect on plant growth in Moon Regolith.

US based Team Original Gravity which had proposed a yeast based experiment, is not in the final shortlist of teams that has qualified to fly on the TeamIndus spacecraft.”

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