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Goa, the Hub for These 7 Amazing Startups

Mobobeat is mobile performance network. They work with top app developers and agencies helping them promote their apps globally.

Goa, a perfect holiday destination, known for its beaches, sand and sun. No completely wrong! Now it is known for bunch of young entrepreneurs who are in their early 20s and 30s doing their best to leave a strong mark in the community of startups. As a result Goa is coming out as a new startup kernel of India that is introducing many new and sensational startups.

The reason why Goa is turning out to be a first choice for mainly all entrepreneurs these days is because of its supreme work-life equilibrium to the perfect environment for innovation, addition to that the fast development of its infrastructure and connectivity. And a supportive state government that is paring the red tape. What you all have is a startup paradise. Here is a list of Goa based startups.

1) 6 Degree

6 Degree is an international combo of fashion and creative professionals that presents them with the platform to present their work. Generally it involves all the persons related to the fashion beats such as students, bloggers, employers, designers and photographers. The creative persons who founded this startup are Nikhil Hedge and Amit Bhardwaj. This startup was founded in 2014 at Hyderabad but later shifted to Goa as it is the place for innovations to flourish.

So far 6 Degree has worked with nearly 20 fashion weeks including Mysore fashion week. They said their main focus is to reach to youngsters who want to build their own brand but do not have the right access. They are not working for those 20% of students who are placed under Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi but for those 80% who every year graduate from fashion college, have experience but still are not placed anywhere.


DCCPER was founded in 2013, by Sequeria along with Hannah Bain, Chris Atkinson, Joshua Silveira and Caslino Pereira as co-founders. Starting with the single employee, previously as a measured dashboard for marketing companies but then quickly moved into the development service zone and since then there is no turning back. The journey was though not easy for them since the startup is completely new. Founder said he wanted to work with someone in India and start something of my own and that he never been to Goa so he chose this place. The company is less than two years old. The founder also founded Fleet Rover in 2015, which provides aerial insights into fleet movement, position, behavior and health. Fleet Rovers has managed to raise $180,000 from investors. The main aim of Fleet Rover is to expand the business in Canada markets.

3) Armada

Armada is venture started by Goa born Portugal bred Oscar de Sequeria Nazareth. In 2012 he shifted to Goa in order to start the business. His venture is one of the brand that faces strong competition in the market. Armada was recognized in the world’s most prestigious spirits awards. His main focus is to explain the difference between the liquor and liqueur, and to find customers for his product at RS 840 per bottle. But he is willing to be patient, and educate people via tasting sessions and cocktail master classes.

4) Mobobeat

Mobobeat is mobile performance network. They work with top app developers and agencies helping them promote their apps globally. Mobobeat boasts of top converting offers at the top payouts. The founder of the company is Tyrone D’Souza. Founder has an experience of four years with InMobi across different roles including ad operations and leading the account management team. Thus setting up an own business based at Goa was not really difficult for the Goan guy. They said they focus on providing their affiliates the best offers and delivering quality users for their advertisers. They also promote their own in house-app and subscriptions campaigns with their publishers and affiliates.

5) Vacation Labs

As travel and the tourism in the country is concerned, Goa will undoubtedly be in the top position. Hence the founder of the vacation labs, Saurabh Nanda, an IIT graduate from Kanpur took the right decision for choosing Goa to start his entrepreneur. He had a work experience to work with an online travel portal ClearTrip for almost two years, while working with them he made his Goa trips several times. Vacation labs understand how difficult it is to do the formalities while travelling anywhere, the online travelling is perfect for everyone they concluded. They provide a complete websites for their users with an online booking engine, back office system, various digital marketing and distribution tools. It is a perfect and an appropriate web portal for a traveller.

6) Zooter

It is an online forum which caters the sports need for the youngsters. Zooter is founded by Kavita Naik and Aditya Chintawar who belongs to Goa. This idea hit their mind when they notice the lack of information about sports on the websites. Thus, this site provides all the reviews about cricket and other sport academics. Previously started with the funds from the families and friends, is currently pitching off the number of investors. Not only sports training the product are in the beta testing stage also helps in locating the sports equipment shops nearby and sports bars. Users can add their own profiles with reviews and even can share their photos. It is playing a great job for all those athletes who require coaching in an affordable price.

7) Transerve Technologies

The company was introduced by Ashwini Rawat and Amarsh Chaturvedi, IIT Kanpur graduates, who were interns in the Defense Research and Development Organization helped them to see the potential that geospatial mapping had to offer. They decided to use digital mapping technology to aid clients to make informed decisions through the use of location based data analytics of Geomatics. The reason of choosing Goa was that they were searching for the small place where organizations like government bodies are accessible. The company’s survey solutions help the customers in getting faster data collection with improved accuracy.

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