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Go Hero Go Makes Travel Life Easier Using AI and Human Intelligence

The Company has raised a pre-seed round of funding from Travel Start-ups Incubator, USA (which specialises investments in the travel domain).

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) use dropdowns and widgets for users to select flight times or hotel stay dates. They have uniform blank boxes and drop-down calendars within the interface that help travellers identify the correct flight, based on the information they input.

Colossal Time is spent to fill the same drop down form & fill in the same details & information about his trip like from, to, start date, end date, no of travellers, business / economy (in case of flights), star of hotel & area (in case of hotels), across multiple websites to search & compare. This results in a lot of time being spent to search relevant data across motile web-sites/apps.

The online travel website doesn’t know of a travellers taste & preferences even though he may have booked with them multiple times in the past & hence is unable to offer personalise solutions as per a traveller’s tastes & preferences.

Go Hero Go provides the ideal Solution for booking & travelling. It is a revolutionary booking engine, built using cutting edge algorithms, that understands a traveller’s tastes & preferences & makes suggestions accordingly to make travel – hassle free.

By applying Artificial Intelligence to the travel tech sector, the company aims to offer consumers a more convenient, personalized experience from their desktops and mobile devices. The interface is a simple chat screen designed to enable users to accomplish complex tasks through a natural dialogue. By using Go Hero Go’s services, customers can easily and quickly review the pricing and availability of their request, evaluate and compare options, and book and purchase such service and products online. Offers are personalized recommendations based on a customer’s history.

The solution takes the hassle away – complex tasks of booking accomplished through a simple conversational easy statement in natural language. It saves time by comparing quotations from various travel websites through online API integrations (no need to fill the same form on multiple websites). Data relevant to a traveller’s personality is curate & offered to the traveller.

Travellers on the move use messaging as the primary way they keep connected to family, friends and the rest of the world. Travellers can easily connect with Go Hero Go mid trip using their chat interface to fix a problem or request for additional services. The company enables its services offerings across multiple chat platforms like Telegram, Messenger, Slack etc. Travellers can use their existing chat platforms to request for services.

The Company has raised a pre-seed round of funding from Travel Start-ups Incubator, USA (which specialises investments in the travel domain). The tie-up enables the company to get access to various API’s in the travel world which would otherwise unavailable or available at a very high cost to a player. The investment will help Go Hero Go enhance their partnerships and networks thus helping business development.

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