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Gegadyne Energy recognized as ‘Energy Startup of the Year 2019’

The company was awarded at the 9th Annual Entrepreneur Awards 2019

Gegadyne Energy, homegrown pioneers of Battery technology - developing the world’s fastest charging batteries was recognised as ‘Energy Startup of the Year 2019' at the 9th Annual Entrepreneur Awards 2019.

“India has the potential to become the authority in EV technology in India, and we are in the forefront of this evolution as battery is the heart of any motor vehicle.” said Jubin Varghese, Co-founder and CEO of Gegadyne Energy

“I am thankful to the Entrepreneur group for recognising and rewarding our efforts” Jubin added.  

Earlier at the Entrepreneur 2019 Summit, Amitabh Kant, CEO of Niti Ayog had shared that EVs are on the anvil of explosive growth in the country. Gegadyne Energy is one of the few startups that are driving NITI Aayog’s Electric Vehicle Mission 2030, which states that India can create a $300 billion domestic market for EV batteries by 2030. 

“Infrastructure and batteries are critical to enabling the EV ecosystem in India.” Jubin said.

Founded in 2015, Gegadyne energy is developing a Proprietary Battery Technology that can charge from 0-100% under 15 mins all of this while compiling to highest safety standards compared to any existing battery technology across the globe.

Founded by Jubin Varghese and Ameya Gadiwan, two college dropouts, the company has created a Portfolio of International Patents to build an ecosystem of Electric Vehicles and Stationary Energy Storage. The company has developed high energy density supercapacitors with energy density similar to Lithium-Ion batteries. 

The startup’s vision is a future wherein you could drive an Electric Vehicle to a charging station with less than 1% of battery and drive out of the same within 15mins with fully charged batteries. The experience of the EV owner should be exactly like fueling at a petrol pump. 15mins.

Gegadyne Energy raised a Seed Round of Investment from Mumbai Angel Network in January 2018. The company is aiming to raise $10 million in its next round.

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