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Fuzzy Logix Will Help You Make Sense Of All That Data

“At present, it is the fastest, most efficient and scalable analytics engine available in the market…” Fuzzy Logix is a company that last raised 5.5 million dollars in November, 2015. Founded in North Carolina, USA, by ex-investment bankers the predictive-analytics-for-Big-Data company also has offices in Bangalore and growing fast with its flagship product in a billion dollar Big Data tech and services market.

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Here’s what Fuzzy Logix’s Mr. Suvro Banerjee, managing director for Asia Pacific had to say about their operations.

Why is Fuzzy Logix a game changer?

Fuzzy Logix is the developer of DB Lytix, an in-database analytics software product that has transformed the world of analytics. Launched in 2007, Fuzzy Logix was established with an end-goal of revolutionizing data analytics by making it more efficient, accurate, valuable and cost-effective for enterprises.

Fuzzy Logix is a game changer as it addresses constraints such as data extraction, limitations in computing resources for analyzing Big Data, and makes it possible to run models that are not possible with traditional technologies. At present, it is the fastest, most efficient and scalable analytics engine available in the market, enabling a massive improvement in cycle times.

This leads to 10x-100x acceleration and accuracy in analytics application and enables an extension of data analytics to end-business users. By eliminating the need for data movement out of the Data Warehouse, data scientists can focus on creating advanced, accurate models, rather than waste time in manipulating data.

Why only Fortune 500 clients (why not SME and micro businesses)?

We work with Fortune 500 companies as in retail, pharma, healthcare, finance, media and entertainment companies. Our impressive clientele includes Tesco, Bank of America, Siemens, HDFC, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Nielsen, Anthem, Humana, State Street Bank, etc. However, we have many non-Fortune 500 customers as well.

Big Data analytics market in India and its future

In a fast changing business landscape, information is emerging as the new currency. Businesses today are dealing with huge amounts of data every single day; industry estimates predicted that the 2014 annual internet traffic exceeded 667 exabyte [that is 667 billion gigabytes]. With such a vast volume of information available at their disposal, businesses are increasingly looking for a way to refine and make sense of this enormous volume of information in order to enable optimized decision making.

This is where the Big Data and Data Analytics tools come into the picture. Relying on advanced pattern identification algorithms, heuristic machine learning and real-time information processing, Big Data analytics has been empowering businesses across market segments with the tools they require to survive and succeed. The Big data analytics sector in India is expected to witness eight-fold growth to reach 16 billion dollars by 2025 from the current level of 2 billion dollars as per NASSCOM figures.

Please explain the product AdapteR - DB Lytix-level performance while using R language (a coding language used in statistical computing and graphics)

AdapteR, is an advanced analytics package that enables R users to perform in-database analytics using Fuzzy Logix' flagship DB Lytix™ suite of functions. Realizing that millions of data scientists, statisticians and analysts use R and require an R solution for large and complex data sets, we developed AdapteR.

AdapteR can be used to build interactive analytics at scale with just a few lines of R code. With our free, open source package, we have extended the appeal of our industry-leading, in-database analytics solution to not only SQL users but also to the large community of R users seeking effective solutions for large scale analytics.

How do the products built on home grown platforms offer flexibility to work in various industries like telecom/retail/healthcare/finance and banking?

We have developed industry-specific solutions that accelerate time-to-market for our customers. Solutions are a library of assets like data models, analytical models and algorithms, dashboards and reports that address problems that are either regulatory or fairly common in an industry vertical. For example, we offer solutions on credit risk management and equity analysis for financial institutions.

What’s the best thing about working for a data firm like Fuzzy Logix?

1. Work on a transformational product
2. Environment of Innovation and best-in-class people
3. Fast growth
4. Excellent compensation [where do we send our CV?]

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