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FooDrool Keeps It Classy With Premium Food Delivery Service

There was a time when you had to go to a five star restaurant to have five star restaurant food. With FooDrool and the changing landscape of ecommerce, premium restaurants now make their posh menus available to you in the confines of your humble abode.

FooDrool customer's message
FooDrool at restaurant

These two premium restaurants don’t mingle words when asked about FooDrool service.

Dhaba by Claridges

“Dhaba by Claridges is part of a premium brand and we were looking for a partner who is equally premium, passionate and understands the value of guest. After all our research on third party delivery companies, we felt FooDrool was the best and they have done a good job till date.”

Punjab Grill

“There are many options available in this sector but we found FooDrool team the most convincing and reliable. We had positive feedback from others who were already using their services. We have now been working with them for a few months and we can say that we made the right decision.”

Tanmay Garg is founder of FooDrool and an absolute foodie. Here’s why he started up delivering “good food” vs “mediocre food”.

You say you were sick of ordering mediocre food. Define mediocre food, do you mean the regular choley baturey we eat?

There’s a lot of food you can order but quick service and proper packaging is a big problem. Unhygienic packaging and delayed delivery makes eating the food a misery.

There had to be a delivery service platform which offers on time delivery without compromising on the food quality. FooDrool was born with that thought.

Share some of your worst food experiences. No need to mention name of eating place

Without naming anybody, I’d like to share dozens of bad food experiences.

But I can sum it up by saying there are a lot of night delivery options across Delhi NCR that give you inedible food. All they just do is buy the gravy and pour the food - even their sandwiches and burgers are very bad.

I once ordered from such a joint and waited more than an hour for the food. When it finally arrived it was a non-veg package. I am a vegetarian. When I complained to the restaurant, they kindly asked us to start our own restaurant/delivery.

In a way that bad experience turned out well because FooDrool came out of it.

Bad food delivered late. Is this the problem you’re trying to solve?

People these days are spending more time than ever on traveling and working.

After all that exhaustion, nobody has the energy to even look forward to dressing up to dine out, even if it’s at a favourite restaurant.

So FooDrool is bridging the gap between people and their favourite food. There are many of our associate restaurants who did not deliver food before but do so exclusively through us. So, doesn’t it solve a problem when you have the privilege of getting your favourite food delivered to your doorstep? I am sure it does.

When you say you’re a foodie, how much of a foodie are you?

I believe everyone is a foodie in his or her own ways. Some people like I have an extraordinary love for the food which leads them to discover new ideas and form a company like FooDrool. Hence, my love for the food grows with every passing day and helps me to keep finding new restaurants that I can get associate with.

How did you approach these premium restaurants? Was it difficult to convince them?

Initially we held a lot of meetings with almost every hotel in the city and it was very difficult for us to convince them to open up to the idea of delivering food from their properties. It became more difficult for us because we were not from the specific industry background.

But, things as you can see, have improved.

Tell us about how the biz has grown.

Revenue growth this year has been almost around 6 times more compared to revenue last year, which is not very common for a startup in their initial years. We now deliver to a larger area of up to 12kms in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Is FooDrool looking for funding?

We are a bootstrap venture till date but yes, FooDrool is looking for funding.

Can you make money sticking to a niche like premium? Or is it more profitable than delivering food of lower prices?

Indeed. Serving to a niche clientele is always much more profitable since you focus more on quality and less on quantity unlike your competitors. The average price order is 1500 rupees. A higher order value with a limited number of orders is always better than the lower order value with a plethora of orders.

Finally, what’s your revenue generation model?

We get commission from our partner restaurants and hotels for orders we place with them. Also as we specialize in food delivery, we also cater to orders restaurants get on their own, hence the restaurants are our customers too.

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