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Fintech Valley Vizag Launches ‘Finteract’ - A Platform to Engage Startup Community

Mr. Nitin Saluja Founder, Chaayos; Dharmil Sheth, Founder, PharmEasy and Ms. Priyanka Agrawal, renowned design thinking UI-UX strategist from Fractal Ink inaugurate this series of conversation

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Today, and more so in the future, commerce has moved from IT services to IT entrepreneurships. Fintech Valley aspires to dynamically support this thriving spirit that consistently supports innovation. This involves not just raising funds and building infrastructure but creating a culture that nurtures an environment for these ideas to brew. To give impetus to this vision, the existing framework and values need to be questioned. Only by identifying elements through open dialogues and by supporting disruption can new pathways towards innovation be constructed. The world is going to be more and more dependent on multiple skill-sets; some that we know of, and some that are yet to be developed. Multi disciplinary thinking, or at least an exposure and a robust overview of the world, is likely to be more prevalent. While Fintech Valley is anchored to financial technology, we realise and are committed to driving this larger agenda. Thus, Finteract - A platform where start-up community get’s to engage with the finest minds. Talks from thought leaders and business leaders, artists, actors, musicians, futurists and entrepreneurs.And while talking is on the agenda, it’s more about conversations and dialogue, sharing ideas and about inspiring each other. It’s a little about dreaming as well. And how to turn these into reality!

Mr. Dharmil Sheth, Founder, PharmEasy began the Finteract series by sharing his journey to the Forbes list of 30 under 30. With one aim in mind to change the game, Mr. Sheth spoke about the disruption in the healthcare space. He stated, “People struggle to accept change. Resistance and opposition are a part of disruption. I foresee technology leading this disruption and changing policy in the industry.” He finished his address by advising young entrepreneurs to believe in the values of focus, passion, patience and innovation.

Building on the ideas of innovation and creativity, Ms. Priyanka Agrawal, renowned design thinking UI-UX strategist from Fractal Ink drew attention towards the importance of innovation in design. She highlighted the fact that the world of business is unpredictable and volatile not just in terms of products and services but also in terms of talent, policies and the entire ecosystem. To adapt to this she recommended, “To innovate, you must have a beginners mind. It is through only small insights and lateral thinking those innovative solutions can be born. Mr. Nitin Saluja Founder, Chaayos concluded the address by instilling faith in the power of a simple idea. This IIT Bombay graduate of 2007, shared his journey from the designated chai-maker of his family to becoming the pioneer chai-maker for the India’s chai loving population. He contributed his accomplishment to the combination of simplicity and technology. By reiterating in the supremacy of a humble idea powered by technological innovation, he motivated the audience comprising of entrepreneurs and start-up enablers.

The first Finteract series launched at the Fintech Valley Vizag Spring Conference 2017, departed from the traditional and shifted the emphasis towards the comprehensive and interdependent nature of transformation in a global world. This Government of Andhra Pradesh and Fintech Valley Vizag initiative, created and curated by Adfactors XD will become a series of talks which will be conducted all over the country and the world.

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