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Father's Day Special: Successful Entrepreneurs on what They Learned from Their Dads

“If Sachin had focused on becoming the best batsman in the world he would not have been able to become it...result is the outcome of a meticulously followed process”

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It’s with little doubt we say fathers have played a special role in the lives of children who become entrepreneurs as adults. “Don't let the highs get to your head and the lows pull you down. Focus on what is on hand,” reminisces Varun Chadha, COO of travel and hospitality business, TIRUN. 

“This helped me stay guarded and bring the best of me in both professional and personal life. He instilled in me the go getter attitude to strive for the best in life and to win the task ships at hand”, continued Chadha as we present more learnings founder sons gleaned from their inspirational fathers.

1. No risk, no reward 

The one key lesson I've imbibed from my father is that to get ahead in life, one must take risks. Most importantly in a business, where there is a multiverse of unknown variables. Fear of risks is what stifles new ideas and dreams. It is only when one has the vision to chart out their own way, even though it may be totally opposite to popular opinion, does one have a shot at being successful. - Saahil Goel, CEO and Founder, Kraftly.

2. Hard work wins the battle

My father’s constant support and timely advices has enriched my perspective in life, helping me make major life decisions with a view to life in the long term

Hard work and determination are the major pulls I have taken from him; to dwell on the positives and never let the challenges get to me. Having followed his footsteps in the family business, I have embraced his approach and methods of handling work and managing business battles. - Chander Agarwal, MD, TCIEXPRESS

3. Focus on the daily process

Whatever I have learned in business comes from Dad. He is the institution that taught me my one life principle: “Focus on the process not the result”. Dad said to me, “Remember, Manheer, Sachin Tendulkar became what he is because he always focused on the process”.

If Sachin had focused on becoming the best batsman in the world he would not have been able to become it. But he focused on the process of daily practice. Sachin only became the best batsman because he had played the most number of balls; result is the outcome of a meticulously followed process. - Manheer Singh Sethi, Cofounder, Travkart

4. Understanding what your employees are going through

My father and I share a very special relationship unlike any other because the flow of communication never ceased in it. In my other relationships communication has always broken down, due to my fault or the other person’s. But when with my father, his wise words have always helped me voice my negative feelings in a constructive way. 

I have shown the same level of patience with all my employees and established a level of trust where we don’t keep anything from each other and genuinely wish each other well. Sometimes personal stuff can affect the way an employee performs so I encourage them to speak to the person they are concerned with. My father helped me become empathetic – a quality every boss needs to have. - Abhishek Agarwal, Cofounder, Globepanda.

5. In business, be ethical, be passionate

My father taught me to be honest about two things in my corporate life. One, to always be ethical in whatever we do in business, whether it’s about keeping information confidential or following the right practice even in tough moments, always take decisions which are ethical. 

Two, “love what you do”. He has always taught me to be effective at the workplace by loving your work. I have seen him love his work as a doctor with the same passion all his life and is now ingrained in me. Every day I reach office with new energy, a lot of which has come to me from my dad and his passion and love towards his work. -Akash Gupta, Founder and CEO, Mobycy

6. Work hard, results will follow

A father is always a son's first hero. The way he conducts himself, his actions and words leaving an indelible mark on the very core of a person. In such a sense, I am blessed to have a father who takes pride in being a self-made man. At the beginning of my career, when I'd easily get flustered at encountering little roadblocks or failure, my father would repeat this, almost like a mantra: work hard, results will follow. 

This one piece of advice has helped overcome a number of testing times in my life. I know today the world doesn't owe me anything and all I can do is ensure a job well done. Results, even though not in my hand, will follow if I have put my heart, mind and soul into the work that I'm doing. - Navkiran Singh, Director, Pokerbaazi

7. Education is always money well spent

One day I was cribbing about my son’s school fee, which I thought was unreasonably high. My father said, “Never consider money spent on education as an expense. It is an investment, the safest and the one with the highest returns”. These words have stayed with me throughout life and I always try and follow one course every year. - Shuchin Bajaj, Cofounder, Cygnus Hospitals

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