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ExportersIndia To Grow A Base of 1 Lakh Customers & Increase Visibility

Debuting as residence-based office it was incepted in 1997 by Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta with an aim to provide web design & development, and e-commerce solutions to connect buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, and fulfill their queries. is a Delhi-based company that offers a unique platform to sellers & buyers to interact, and provides certain paid services to facilitate better placement, exposure or response. It is India's largest searchable B2B marketplace & exporters’ directory that connects manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, and buyers to generate value from unlimited online trade opportunities and buyer enquiries.

BWDisrupt spoke to Sunil Kumar Gupta, to know in depth about their business model and the unique style of commencing business.

The company’s mission is to touch the horizon where its capabilities can successfully meet with the requirements of its clients with ultimate transparency and cost-effectiveness

Debuting as residence-based office it was incepted in 1997 by Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta with an aim to provide web design & development, and e-commerce solutions to connect buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, and fulfill their queries. In 2006, the step to unify all the web portals and working staff under a single larger roof brought it to the present corporate address in Kirti Nagar, West Delhi.

Its USP lies in its ability to extend maximum genuine leads to SMEs in order to get maximum ROI in its online memberships.

Question:How is the company different from existing ones?
Answer: follows a Pay per View model, wherein the buyer’s requirement is converted to a supplier’s lead. All relevant leads as per the chosen products/services are displayed, and payments are made only to view the chosen leads that attract the Lead Buyer’s attention and seem worthy enough to be procured. After the payment process, the complete details are accessible to the buyer following which, they can process the lead to materialize it into their business.

Apart from connecting those in the B2B segment, also offers the following memberships/products:
 Platinum memberships – Offers a template based website and listings to showcase the client’s products/services. For further details, visit:
 V-Trust – An authentication seal that adds to the genuineness of the company.

Additionally, the company puts special focus on SMEs, and has made extensive efforts to provide such companies with an online platform where such businesses can interact & expand their network, and create online brand presence.

Question: Tell us about the current Funding status, Monetization model and Traction of your company?
Answer: is a bootstrapped company. Over the past 20 years, it has grown in terms of clients, both in numbers and outreach. In addition, with automation and other strategies, the company has improved on the services delivered, both in terms of number and quality, while keeping up with current trends in technology as well as the market. At present, has 25 lakh business houses, with 3000 buyers being added daily.

Question: Do you have any Marketing strategies or future plans in mind for the business?
As the Founder & Director of, Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta has his eyes set on maximum ROI for SMEs. He plans to substantially increase the search visibility of the company over the next five years to ensure that genuine leads are received and provided to the clients associated with the company. He also plans to target a customer base of 1 lakh satisfied and happy clients in the near future.

Question: What kind of challenges did you face while incorporating this business?
Answer: was incepted at a time when India had just begun to comprehend the possibilities of the World Wide Web and the Internet. The company was one of first few B2B enterprises in the country that recognized the host of opportunities present within this realm, and decided to utilize the power of the virtual sphere to expand its business.
Since the concept of internet was quite new in those days, initially faced some issues like convincing buyers and sellers to register themselves on the former’s platform. Additionally, internet during the 90s were really expensive, which meant that most people were unable to use its services.

However, despite these challenges, the company was able to move forward, and gained steady traction over the years through sheer hard work and determination to succeed in the B2B space. It continues to take into its wing fresh talent, who are nurtured under the able guidance of its existing experienced team members, many of whom have been a part of this organization since its onset.

Known for its excellence in providing comprehensive solutions for all kind of client requirements, hopes to sow the seeds of par-excellence services with customer centric approach, and reap the trust of worldwide clients. The company also feels that the Indian B2B market has immense potential to grow. With customers getting tech-savvy, it is confident that this dependence on online platforms to fulfil all kinds of needs is here to stay.

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