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Explore, Discover & Experience Quality Rental Homes With GetSetHome

The company also offer services & house bills like house cleaning/maid, Wifi, DTH, Electricity, Water & Gas Bills to the tenants. Its staff on their inspection visits, ensures maintenance of the house.

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Explore, Discover & Experience Quality Rental Homes With GetSetHome
Explore, Discover & Experience Quality Rental Homes With GetSetHome

GetSetHome is a platform for Co-living. It is a managed & shared rental accommodation for long term stays. The startup turn unfurnished houses into fully furnished managed homes and offer it to Bachelors who migrate to metro cities for Education or Work. The company offer long term stays & its accommodations include standardized & quality furniture, home décor, modern amenities, facility management and maintenance & monthly recurring bills like DTH, Wifi, Electricity, House-keeping, Gas, etc, making the whole package all-inclusive, stress-free, broker-free and affordable for bachelors.

About Co-founders

GetSeHome was founded in March 2015 by 3 Co-founders:

Shabnam Kadwani: An accomplished professional with over 11 years of experience in Advertising, Marketing, Brand Launch, Alliances and Sales. Ex-BookMyShow Marketing Head with an MBA (Marketing) from NMIMS, Mumbai.

Junaid Shaikh: Ex-BookMyShow core team member & head of business strategy. 12 years of well-rounded knowledge & experience across Business Strategy, Expansion, Operation, Technology & Execution

Muddassar Virani: Ex-IBM/Eclerx, 14 years of Experience in Operation & Sales. Experienced in handling & leading team sizes of 300+. He has an MBA in Operations from Symbiosis Institute

Abhishek Agrawal Interacts With Shabnam Kadwani, Co-founder, GetSetHome and Spoke To Her

How does GetSetHome work?

GetSetHome provide completely furnished homes - a set home taking away the mental stress from both the Owners & the Bachelors.

The startup lease the property from the owner, completely furnish it & add all necessary amenities like Microwave, Fridge, Washing Machine, TV, etc. It then offer these houses to individuals on a sharing basis.

The company also offer services & house bills like house cleaning/maid, Wifi, DTH, Electricity, Water & Gas Bills to the tenants. Its staff on their inspection visits, ensures maintenance of the house. GetSetHome also provide choices on room sharing plans such as single occupancy to triple occupancy for a room with like-minded individuals. It has flexible stay terms by the month or year to suit any budget or lifestyle.


It was actually 2 fold. At first we saw our friends and colleagues really struggle to find a quality accommodation when they relocated. Some of them didn’t have the capital to take up a house & furnish it so they had to eventually settle with sub standard PG accommodation. This is when we noticed that there is a serious gap in the market where quality & affordable shared accommodations really do not exist.

Secondly, as a homeowner we always wanted to maximize on the rent we could earn on our investment property hence renting out to bachelors was the easier solution however there was always added stress of how the property will be maintained.

That is when we got an idea of devising a solution and product that can stitch both the problems and can turnout as a Win Win for both parties.

Special key features of GetSetHome

We are a managed marketplace for co-living rental solutions and are a part of the user’s end to end journey fulfillment We are aggregating and standardizing consumer expectation in this space and are solving a real pain point of a basic human need of Housing through both use of technology & managing services with a human touch.

Funding Status

GetSetHome is self funded with seed capital of $125,000 and currently in advanced talks with some Angels and VC's.

Monetization Model

We lease properties from the owners, furnish them, add services and then sublease it to individuals on sharing basis. We make money of the differential pricing between how much we lease the property at & the per bed subleasing we offer at.

Traction Details

GetSetHome handles 50 properties across 4 cities with a 90 - 94% occupancy rate. We aim to provide accommodation to ~ half a million bachelors in the next 3 years across 10 – 12 cities.

Market Size and Opportunity

The market size is estimated to be huge. The total rental real estate market in India is estimated to be $15 billion per annum. As per the IBEF 2015-2016 report, the overall real estate sector is expected to increase ~2x by 2020.

Co-living concept is a huge success internationally especially US & China. Largely because of Urbanization. China saw the boom 5 years back and is dominated today by 5-7 big players backed by seasoned investors. India is definitely next.

We have only got started, the scope increases as India marches further towards urbanization and creating opportunities in not just the top metro cities but in the upcoming smart cities & tier 1 cities.

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