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Etashee : An Online Fashion Community Offering Sophisticated Solution To Your Wardrobe

At present we are mainly focused towards online media, Google adwords as well as social media marketing. We are to planning for extensive Print & TV Ads by end of this year.

Etashee is an online exclusive fashion community for Buying, Selling and Swapping of premium fashion apparels and accessories founded in November 2014 by Amna Abbasi.

The company works with its founding team : Shagun Shukla, Yash Jaiswal, Nikhil Gupta.

The startup comes as a revolution in the world of fashion by offering a smart and sophisticated solution to the wardrobe needs of all the evolving fashionistas.

Etashee aims to democratise as well as personalise each and every wardrobe. Hence it applies a two way approach to make fashion more common and unique at the same instance.

Chitrakshi Suneja Interacts With Amna Abbasi , Founder, Etashee And Spoke To Her

Idea Generation

The perpetual ‘I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear’ dilemma is what kick-started Etashee. As a woman you will realize you are perpetually haunted by questions like what should I wear, where should I keep my new clothes, isn’t it too new to be thrown away, should I give it for charity, is it appropriate and many more. Etashee aims to put an end to the constant war women have with their wardrobe.

Frequent Question like - Nothing to wear.? No Place to keep Clothes.?
Charity Limitations ? – are the main problem which kicked the idea for

Special Features

Well, there are many things which make Etashee special. One of which is that it offers both buying and selling of fashionable clothes. The selling aspect of Etashee is what keeps it apart from other such eCommerce sites. We make it easy for customers to get rid of unused clothes or the ones which have been used only once or twice through our pre-owned section in different ways. We offer designer as well as labelled products at 90% of its retail price as pre-owned which is what lures the customers to our site. Besides customers hassle free selling services to sell, unused items.

The organisation offers two modes of selling- Direct and Concierge- to make the whole experience enjoyable and fuss free.

Direct selling involves just clicking the pictures of the clothes one wants to sell and post it on the site and give it directly to the person the moment somebody wants to buy it. One can also take the advantage of Etashee services for shipping if they don’t want to do it themselves.

With concierge selling on the other hand customers only need to list the items which they want to sell and the rest will be taken care of Etashee. Once listing of the products is done, an Etashee assistant will go to the customers’ home and pick up all the clothes they want to sell. By choosing this method the user doesn’t have to bother about listing products, photography, packing, shipping and other small details.

Differentiation Factors

Focused exclusively on fashion and clothes and having a wide pan India reach, the company has more than 9500 Pin Codes services able and also offers a wide array of New Garments which user can buy once their old garments are sold. Also, it is present on all platform – Web, Mobile as well as App which has also contributed to its popularity as some users like shopping on the app while others love browsing on the web.

Besides Etashee accepts only Branded or Designer Wear and they do a QC team for authentication of same to make sure that users get only the best of everything.

Monetization Models & Funding Details

We have three models on Monetization
1. Direct Selling: We earn 10% of Selling price
2. Concierge Selling: We earn 30% of Selling Price over the products sold under Concierge Model
3. Brand New Product: We earn 20% as commission on sales.

We have been seed funded with a capital of 5Cr, by a Delhi based Business Group. And now planning to seek Series A round of Funding

Challenges Faced

The biggest challenge we have faced till now is making people understand the benefits of buying as well as selling pre-owned clothes. Many people are not very open about buying pre-owned clothes.

With Etashee we aim to educate people about the pros and cons of buying as well as selling pre-owned clothes, its environment sustainability as well as the economic benefits.

Traction Details & Marketing Plans

“With over a lakh page views per month and 50 K registered users and many more joining every day, Etashee is doing really great. We also have got some loyal clients. In future we are planning to set collection centre where the users can come and drop the clothes they wish to sell. We are hoping to get lots of support from customers as this sound really fun. We are planning to start from metros and extend it to state capitals once the idea gets some credibility. Besides we are also planning to set up Etashee’s in-house TVC in future.,”

At present we are mainly focused towards online media, Google adwords as well as social media marketing. We are to planning for extensive Print & TV Ads by end of this year.

Market Size & Opportunity

There exists no such pre-defined market size to refer to. With Etashee we are creating an altogether new market without hampering any existing ones. Hence speaking about the market opportunities, there are possibilities of tremendous growth in store. So far we have done really great especially in metro cities.

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