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Advertisement Launches ‘Builder’ so Everyone can Develop Software without Having to Learn to Code taps into multi-trillion dollar market with 140 million new businesses and entrepreneurs joining the economy every year.

Photo Credit :,, the human-assisted AI company that empowers everyone to build and operate software projects, launches its latest product, Builder, out of Beta today.  Builder combines AI with the best human teams of developers, designers and product managers globally, to offer software development at twice the speed and one third the cost.  The platform brings the Henry Ford Assembly line to software development so that the 140 million new small businesses formed globally every year can build out their ideas into tangible products.

At its core, believes that everyone should be empowered to build an idea irrespective of money, resources or time, and without having to become an engineer or hire an engineering team. From a technology perspective, about half of any software project is repeated code, or so called “Building Blocks” such as Facebook Login, that most Dev Shops charge to build every time. The remainder is “tailoring”, customizing to make something unique for customers. 

By breaking down software projects into “building blocks” that can be re-used, and tying them to the world’s best engineering and product teams,’s Builder offers massive price efficiency because it’s not rebuilding and charging customers for blocks of generic pre-existing code. The “Assembly Line” allows bitesize allocation of work thereby letting Builder scale production with incredible cost efficiency as it uses Dev Shop bench capacity (i.e. people who are not deployed) from San Francisco to Kiev to Bangalore.

“In the last decade, the buyer of software development has changed completely; from CIO and tech professional to small business owner or the individual dreamer. Everyone doesn’t need to code, most people just need the tools to convert their ideas to products.” said, Sachin Dev Duggal, Chief Wizard and cofounder of “Builder offers exactly that. Our vision is to be at the intersection between dream and product. Despite how ubiquitous technology has become, most product ideas still seem impossible to bring to life for anyone without technical skills. We want to change that and make it simple, fast and affordable to build technology; an app or website, and whether you are a business or someone trying to make the world a better place.”

To get started, anyone with an app or website idea can create an account on and start designing their product. By simply dragging and dropping features from a menu into an Amazon-like shopping cart, a customer can craft the basic tenants and functionalities of their idea - from geolocation and chat capabilities to payment services or bookings.  They can then add any customer unique elements. Once the product request is submitted, customers receive a cost estimate and delivery timeline in real time.  With Builder, the customer is only paying for what is unique. This “manufacturing approach” also allows to tackle two of the biggest issues in Custom Software Development, price creep and scope creep.

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