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Prateek Sood

Director, Grand Slam Fitness

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Embark On Your Fitness Journey With Strength Training Equipment For Home

Strength training refers to physical activity meant to improve our muscular fitness by targeting a specific muscle or group of muscles against any form of external resistance, such as weight machines, free-weights or our body weight.

Strength training, also known as resistance training or weight training – provides a multitude of benefits for our muscles and the entire body. It helps build lean muscles, reduce body fat, boost metabolism, increase bone density, improve bone health, enhance cognitive functions and improve one’s posture, balance and stability. It also has a positive effect on our mental well-being.

Strength training refers to physical activity meant to improve our muscular fitness by targeting a specific muscle or group of muscles against any form of external resistance, such as weight machines, free-weights or our body weight.

And there’s a new kind of gym that takes no time to get to, is not crowded at all, always plays your favourite tunes at the time of workout, and has the best equipment for strength training. That gym is none other than your own home. And it’s true – with the right equipment, it’s possible to enjoy a good strength training workout session in the comfort of your home.

Here's a list of the most effective strength training tools that you can use to get the most out of your home workout:

Full Body Press by True Fitness

A great product from the Composite Strength line of TRUE Fitness. A machine that encompasses exercises for key muscle groups all in one machine and one exercise. For strength training at home, the full body press is a great equipment. It engages multiple muscle groups throughout the body all on a single machine during a workout session. It targets areas such as chest, triceps, shoulders, core, lats, glutes, hips, quads, hamstrings and calves. Full body press can strengthen each of these areas quickly and develops one’s ability to fulfil daily tasks, boosts athletic capabilities and mitigate the risk of bodily injuries.

Smith Machines/Half Cage

Smith machines is useful for building strength as it has a self-balancing barbell which helps you devote all your attention to lifting the weight. It’s a versatile machine that can easily be used for a wide range of exercises and can work every major muscle group. Smith machine also promotes good posture as while doing exercises, secure the machine in place, which helps you move properly maintaining a good form.

Multi-Gym by Turbuster

An amazing advantage of the multi-function home gym is that it can be used to do a number of strength training exercises, thus offering a complete fitness solution. Its covered weight stack makes it even more robust. Multi-Gym helps users to perform almost 25 exercises in just under 1.5 square metres. Exercises such as leg and hip extension, chest press, arm curl, pulldown and many more.

It's the exemplary home gym equipment for targeted muscle training. This equipment is recommended for the physical training of all kind of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

XPT Pro Rack

The XPT self-spotting rack is a free weight-lifting solution for all kinds of spaces. It can snugly fit into most home gym setups as it’s compact. With this equipment, you can perform Olympic lifts, conventional lifts, and traditional and functional movements. The XPT Pro is designed to deliver in the most effective training environment. Not only in terms of resilience but also in training the number one most important factor for achieving the highest levels of performance-POWER. The XPT Pro trains power safer and more efficacious than any other training application. The self-spotting mechanism in the XPT allows the lifter to throw or let go of the bar at the top of the lift. Resulting in training power like never before. Study after study supports this claim.

Apollo Series by Tuffstuff - Multi Gym Station

The Apollo Series’ modular design offers versatility allowing your clients the luxury of customizing a multi-station configuration that best suits their need, or, the added benefit of creating single-station, standalone modules. This machine does not compromise the range of motion needed for every exercise style. With features as legendary as its name and improved technology and materials, the Apollo 7000 series is the ideal choice multi-stack gym for your home or fitness facility

Summing Up

Strength training session of up to half hour at least two to three times a week is excellent for building lean muscle mass, boosting body metabolism and burning calories. Strength training may enhance your quality of life and help in improving the health. Strength training is also helpful in protecting your joints from injury. Building muscle also can contribute to better balance and may reduce your risk of falls in elderly. In addition, strength training lowers the risk of chronic diseases, improves flexibility, and enhances mood and energy levels, rendering a positive impact on our mental health. And the best part is that these exercises can easily be done at home, using basic and low-cost equipment.

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