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Ellemora- A Brand New and Exciting Apparel Shopping Portal, Just for Women!

Ellemora is committed to set a new standard in the category of clothing by offering premium and exclusively designed apparels at a great price to our audience in the e-commerce category.

Ideated in 2016 and launched in 2017, Ellemora (Elle – French for ‘She’; Mora –Slovenian for ‘Must’; Ellemora – ‘She must have’) is the brain child of Shanky Kumar and Shubham Kumar from Bareilly, UP. With a thought of catering to the experimental nature of women, Kumar brothers started Ellemora – a premium apparel brand, designed exclusively for women! Their USP lies in having complete control on sourcing, production, design and delivery for their products which naturally are high on fashion and quality. Their dedicated team of in house fashion and product designers have been handpicked from top fashion institutes of the country. This team strives hard to offer the latest fashion trends to their unique monthly visitors of more than 1, 26,000!

In a short span of just 9 months, the brand has created its own niche by conceptualizing, designing and setting their own fashion trends. With the business growing by almost 30% month on month, the brand is rapidly becoming a favorite among the ladies. They offer a wide range of their products under various convenient categories like type (India/Western), size, silhouette, occasion, material, color and prints! Their team of more than 50 employees work hard to keep all their loyal clientele satisfied and offer them the best of fashion and apparel which cannot be found on any other website.

Shanky Kumar, Director, Ellemora speaks on plans to grow the brand in the online space and beyond.

How to run a apparel startup  amidst a cut throat competition from a Tier two city like Bareilly?

It necessary to understand and appreciate that money saved is money earned. For any startup to survive, it is important that the cost of production is at minimum without compromising on the quality of the product. Bareilly is our hometown and that was the primary reason to set up the operations for Ellemora here. Apart from that, Bareilly possesses various operational advantages. Being a tier two city, the cost of operations is considerably less than any other city, which in turn gives us an advantage while deciding the price of the product. Secondly, the city is well connected to the country’s capital and state capital due to which the availability of raw material and human resource is not difficult. To combat competition, Ellemora has hired some talented designers from India’s top fashion schools to design our products that are high on fashion and quality. Our apparel is unique and stands out in the crowd that helps us with repeat customers thus helping the business grow.          

What are your Plans to combat the competition? What are the USPs that differentiate you from other shopping portals?

Fashion and lifestyle industry is the one among many which has seen a rapid growth in the past few years, creating an opportunity for many young entrepreneurs to enter in to this space. It is however important to understand that the biggest impediment in the apparel industry is the ability to understand and meet the demands of the end consumer. We at Ellemora do not follow trends. We design new styles. We study, forecast, conceptualize and make them available on our website within few days of conceptualization. Having an in house sampling unit gives us a leverage as we can experiment quiet a lot which helps in bringing out the best for our customers. This is the only reason that the customer won’t be able to find the product of similar style and finishing elsewhere giving us the biggest advantage of being unique and one of a kind. 

What is your business model and revenue plan?

The business plan is simple where we wish to sell at a price that attracts customers and ensure that the apparel is high on quality and fashion to have a repeat value. We are also branching out from the uni-channel model of sales and have associated with bigger aggregators like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal so more and more customers can experience and come back for more Ellemora products.  

What is your Pricing strategy? Shed some light on Funding do you have plans for raising more funds?

Since Ellemora is a brand that designs new styles, we price our product depending upon the kind of fabric that has been used. Our products are high on fashion and quality, but we have ensured that our pricing is attractive enough to interest our target group to purchase our products. Also, being headquartered in Bareilly ensures our overheads aren’t too high allowing us to offer the prices that we do. Ellemora is self-fund at the moment and not in a hurry to raise funds. 

What are your expansion and future plans for the brand?

Ellemora is committed to set a new standard in the category of clothing by offering premium and exclusively designed apparels at a great price to our audience in the e-commerce category. In terms of growth, we plan to cater to the young market segment wherein the 20-35 year old women would find the clothing from Ellemora to their liking and taste. We plan to achieve this by displaying exclusive apparel that is high on fashion and quality. We also plan to eventually enter the app based model. Our ultimate goal in terms of expansion is to get in to the offline space.

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