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EBTL: Making Home And Workplace Safer And Smarter

No matter how many hurdles you face, follow your gut and give it your best shot.

The idea behind this startup-The idea of establishing EBTL germinated from a simple thought of making shock-proof switches because one of our co-founding members was extremely phobic to electric shock. We wanted build something which would eradicate all possibilities for getting jarred from electric shocks and that thought lead us to a search for something that could fulfill this need. With some extensive research of the market, we realized that there is a lack of such products and to cater to this need, we decided to set up EBTL.

Apart from the thought of filling this gap in the sector, I wanted to add more value propositions to the product by making it much more useful and capturing the right potential of this market. Additionally, my experience as a management consultant working with some renowned corporate and the Indian government gave me the right skill setand business acumen to set up a business and operate it efficiently.  

USPs of the brand
The automation system that is designed by EBTL is meant to serve the Indian audience. It has been conceptualized indigenously and has been crafted from the start to serve the automation needs of Indian consumers. While, other automation systems are often first designed and then realigned to meet the requirements of Indian consumers, EBTL’s home automation systems have been conceived from inception to best serve the demands of the Indian market. This has created a niche for our brand and has proven to be beneficial for our consumers.

Our range of products like switching, curtain and gate automation, light dimmers and guest room management systems are gaining popularity amongst our key target audience. Now consumers can manage and control their home or office electricity use, be in charge of excess usage and reduce up to 25% of electricity consumption by management features on all our Amour products. 

The new automation products sold by EBTL will cost a fraction of the price of existing automation products being sold in the market.

What is your Business Model?
We work on B2B and B2C business model. 

What are your future plans?
With pragmatic view, the business and understanding the potential of future demands of the sector, we are the only company who is well prepared for the future disruption in this market. We want to enhance our business to a whole new level where we create affordable automation products which would suit every consumer. Our aim is to create automation and shock-proof products that offer ample features to control electricity consumption, control usage, manage safe and secure indoors for seniors and kids, be it at home, in corporate or hotels.  

We aim to increase our market size for a broader set of consumers beginning with home and corporate to special products that cater to hospitality and other such businesses across, South East Asia, India, Europe, US, UK. 

Overseas Foray?
We have recently forayed into Africa, Middle East, US and other South Asian Markets.

Social Touch / CSR- Being a start up a company is always tight on the budgets. Thus have not been able to do a lot of CSR activities however, we still try to our bit for the society. We have recently got a gate built up for the society in the locality of EBTL factory. The promoters of the company also happen to be the founders of the CRY IIT Kharagpur volunteers Chapter. They are still in continuous with the chapter and keep promoting the activities of social benefit in and around Kharagpur. A few noteworthy achievements include doing an audit for making IIT Kharagpur campus disabled friendly, staring mid meal policy in the schools nearby, spreading awareness about the government policies, child rights, women rights etc. EBTL keeps hiring talented interns form the local colleges in vicinity to their factory to enhance the skills of fresh graduates from local colleges. EBTL believes in giving back to the society and will keep adding to the society in years to come as well. 

The Paradigm Shift-Though theautomation industry is currently unorganized in India, however, it is growing at fast pace. There are still just a few industry players who are focusing on developing mobile assisted smart switching solution for homes and offices which are much simpler and user friendly.Currently, the industry is growing at the rate of 20% y-o-y with 60% revenue generation through home renovation and the remaining through retrofitting. This can be achieved only by overcoming the challenges faced by the industry, for instance delivering quality product with a simplified technology at the right cost. Gradually the business in India grew with the emergence of sectors like real estate that met the lifestyle quotient of people living in urban areas.

Message to Young Entrepreneurs
When we began our journey, we told ourselves that we must ‘never look back’ and we all still believe in that. All I want to say is that no matter how many hurdles you face, follow your gut and give it your best shot.

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