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Doctors’ Social Network Docplexus Crosses 2 Lakh Members

Presently, more than 15,000 doctors log in to Docplexus' web and mobile portals every single day.

Photo Credit : Healthtech startup Docplexus is a pioneer social network for doctors,

Healthtech startup Docplexus, now enjoys the trust of over 200,000 medical professionals who use this online networking platform to discuss clinical cases, stay updated on healthcare policies and medical guidelines, and upgrade themselves professionally. Presently, more than 15,000 doctors log in to Docplexus' web and mobile portals every single day. CEO and cofounder, Phanish Chandra, notes, "In about one year, Docplexus' user base has grown from 128,000 to 200,000. This is evidence of the platform's immense value to practicing physicians in their pursuit of delivering better medical care. Our ability to offer a completely secure environment, where only verified allopathic doctors are given access is another important reason for this rise."

Since its inception in 2014, Docplexus has raised 1 million dollars in funding from asp. group and Uniqorn Ventures. Alon Shklarek, serial entrepreneur and Docplexus' chairman, says, "We're proud to be part of this exceptional success story. The significant impact we had so far by building India's largest doctors network, empowering doctors and improving medical outcomes motivates us to further accelerate our growth."

Docplexus is committed to revolutionizing Indian healthcare through the effective use of technology. The platform has opened a new channel of dialogue among clinicians hailing from diverse parts of India. Apart from facilitating peer-to-peer discussions, Docplexus also conducts CME programs, one of the mainstays of a doctor's professional life. Additionally, it engages with key opinion leaders (KOLs) belonging to various specialties. So far, it has interviewed 68 eminent medical personalities and brought those insights to its members.

Having successfully covered 8 key medical conferences in the past year, Docplexus has also become the preferred knowledge partner of prestigious medical bodies. FOGSI - The Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India, recently announced Docplexus as a partner in its quest to spread awareness about women's health, and disseminate knowledge and encourage interaction amongst its network of gynecologists. According to Padmashree awardee, leading endoscopic gynecologist, and Docplexus member, Dr. Manjula Anagani, "In today's times, doctors need both evidence and experience. While evidence is given in the form of guidelines from various bodies, experience is something that can be learnt only by interacting and sharing knowledge with fellow practitioners. I thank Docplexus for giving us this platform."

With such a wonderful run so far, the future looks bright for the company, made up of a close-knit team of 35 people. Phanish says, "Docplexus upholds values like trust, impartiality and reliability. We are working on several new features which will further improve the user experience. I foresee our member-base to increase by at least 50 percent in the coming year."

As far as monetization is concerned, the company partners with drug and medical device manufacturers for their marketing initiatives. Its services are a boon to pharma players looking for ethical ways of engaging with doctors. Shiraz Bugwadia, managing partner, Uniqorn Ventures observes, "Curbing malpractices in pharma marketing has been an ongoing effort globally, with countries like US, Australia and parts of Europe having already taken steps for the same. India too is now acknowledging and addressing the problem, rolling out more rigorous regulations around reducing unethical pharma practices. With mandatory marketing codes in charts for the industry, Docplexus is aptly positioned to provide a more efficient and transparent platform for pharma companies to carry out their detailing activities."

Docplexus has to its credit, 17 digital marketing projects with reputed names like Sun Pharma, USV, Merck, Boehringer Ingelheim, Lupin, Eli Lily, GSK, Piramal Healthcare, and expects to increase its clientele to over 60 by 2019.

Pune based Docplexus, founded in 2014, claims to be India's largest and fastest growing online community of doctors. Physicians use Docplexus to interact with peers and seniors. They discuss complex cases and update themselves with the latest advances in the medical field. The platform is avail

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