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Jay Kinra

Jay Kinra is CEO of JKIN Group, Partner of HokuApps India, a fast growing Low Code Technology Development Platform.

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Digitizing Your Process is Key to Increasing Customer Experience

Companies need to carefully design an IT Expansion plan to digitize processes, ultimately creating a better customer experience.

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In this ever-evolving digital world, far from staying on the sidelines, companies need to leap frog and embrace the digital revolution. What does this mean? Companies need to carefully design an IT Expansion plan to digitize processes, ultimately creating a better customer experience. The need of the hour is to invest in digital capabilities, which can improve employee and financial performance. Strategic shifts like digitization of manual workflows can be hard. Everyone is most likely to be on board and ready to learn new skills and practices, as long as you are catering to their needs. If done right, new processes can contribute to the company’s Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and give you an edge over your competition.

Set up digital practices that drive high performance

Your staff interacts with multiple stakeholders such as customers, owners, management, vendors and so on. Chances are that your sales staff spends more time in follow-ups and less time in adding value to the bottom-line of the company.  To resolve this, companies need to have a single point access to real-time account overviews, customized reporting and the ability to execute transactions from anywhere in the world. Businesses should undergo a complete overhaul and set up data processes that make it possible for information to be updated across all channels automatically. Thus, allowing employees across functions like sales, customer-service, marketing, accounts, HR to track the company’s journey and pitch in with tailored advice.

Use of big data 

Most companies are yet to implement digital capabilities that automate processes for the sales force, that’s making them vulnerable. With advanced analytics the insights-generation capabilities and deploying tools should be improved and this will enable employees to gauge the mood of the customers and understand what offers, content and services will strike the right chord with the audience.

Connecting of processes 

The level of success of your organsation depends upon the close coordination between the front and back office, most of the companies fall short when it comes to connecting processes at both ends. This lack of integration can lead to multiple customer handoffs, increase in TAT, missed delivery dates and more. The use of automated decision-support processes and the connection of existing isolated software systems will generate a 360-degree view of the business. An interconnected network provides ease of access and promotes the culture of working together as a team.

Building a new culture 

Deploying agile development practices and experimentation is important to achieve growth rapidly. Digitising manual process of your key employees can free their time from mundane mind dulling work and empower them to be thought leaders and directly contribute to the growth of your company.

Structural change

Organizational challenges can hamper the reach and effectiveness of digital initiatives. Some common hurdles faced are limited transparency, confusion about roles, and a lack of prioritization from executive leadership. By embracing a digital transformation companies open doors to a structure that supports efficiency and thought leadership. It's also imperative that in-house hubs and centres are set up to encourage innovation and research.

Digitizing all the units of the organization can be an uphill task if the right strategy is not in place. In order to build the momentum, start by concentrating on departments where they have existing capabilities and clear objectives and preferably a thought leader that knows the processes of the respective department. Take a more structured approach to digitization that can give them more control over spends and assurance that resources and investments are being directed toward the highest-value opportunities. The end result should be creating and sustaining significant long-term value.

Enhancing your company by digitizing backend and frontend processes can empower your organization to run faster and leaner thus giving your customers a better experience. The right mix of technology, automation and mobility can allow you to be very proactive and organize your company to create an unmatched experience for your stakeholders.

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