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Prasanjeet Roy

Prasanjeet Roy is the CEO and co-founder of Fabogo, the flagship product of parent company Mazkara Internet. A thorough entrepreneur with over 5 years of extensive experience in strategizing and leading sales efforts across UAE and Indian markets. Specializing in the Digital Media Industry with domain expertise in the Digital Ad Sales sector.

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Digital India and an Era of Startups

Startups have become a deeply integrated part of India to the extent of being credited with words like ‘era’ and ‘culture’.

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India is a country transiting rapidly from a developing stage to a developed one. Somewhere between the change in currency policy and trending terms like Digital India taking hold of the populace comes the 71st Independence Day. A better term would be 71st Independent Year!

The new India is one that readily supports the independent dream and startups popping up all over the country are a solid proof of the fact. Today the country is represented by entrepreneurs more than engineers and doctors. While we maintain the prideful ratio of the respected latter, the rise of the former is an evident representation of what can be correctly called an ‘Era of Startups’. 

The idea of startup garners immense support in the country day by day due to two major factors. One, being the wider window of opportunities it has catered to the pronounced employment problem and second, for the freedom it provides in work sphere. An important question arises at this point, as to how do these startups grab their opportunities and affirm their success? The answer is clear and simple: through digitalization. 

Digital India is not simply an ideal concept anymore but a reality. We live in this reality and have been doing so for quite some time now. What we failed to do was reach out and grab its untapped potential (something startups have been ahead of us in doing). 

India is predominantly ‘Digi-Savvy’ today!

The reign of Prime Minister Modi has proudly led India into the Digital Age. The one big major chord he struck was that of the “Demonetization Bill” which created a balanced force of disruption among the country’s public. The man was right from the get-go putting India onto a digital platform. Digitalised jobs are the need of the hour, digitalised transaction is the unbiased necessity and digitalised presence is the smart way to live. Thus, going virtual is the best way to establish your need, necessity and smartness.

The young generation has always been tech-savvy, the challenge lied with the elderlies that needed a boost and a push to become independent. This 15th August saw a bridging of the gap between the generations as young and old alike paid salute to the country through various social media channels. With the increasing number of virtual presence every day, the issue to reachability is about to be ideally diminished. A soldier no more has to wait his time to see his family. The innumerable video-telephonic product on a wireless device exceedingly helps in establishing easy communication with people sitting miles apart. 

Salute India has gone on to become Salute Digital India.

Digital Presence equals Digital Potential

In terms of virtual presence and digital usage, the numbers are skyrocketing. Needless to say, the untapped potential is inconceivable, sitting on their devices every day substantially waiting to be reached. It is a matter of simple connectivity that happens in the background based on a person’s choices (a technical term would be “cache”). If you choose to view an article, a product or a service, the Indian Startups are at your virtual doorsteps knocking to deliver. It is the comfortable reality Indians have come to live!

The latent potential is not only for the startups who seek users but also for the users who seek versatility of alternatives. It is to their mutual benefit that a common platform has been raised and put to use for simple interaction. With digitalization coming into picture the users can seek out various possibilities available and pick the one that suits their need without having to worry about the hassle of physical transaction that requires affirmation of both parties and division of apt change. Digital transactions are always precise and easily traced and reversible should the need be under any unsurpassable circumstances.

The depressing wave of unemployment and recession has also found solace in the Era of Startups. It is quite a simple and transparent chain of events. Many take up entrepreneurship leading new businesses which create an undeniable demand for employees and talented individuals. Finding employment in these developing organizations further simplified with the use of various digital job portals and interview scheduling (many of which happen virtually).

This is another positive leaf in the book of Startup India that reflects a bright future for the many more independent years to come!

An intangible entangled relation

Startups have become a deeply integrated part of India to the extent of being credited with words like ‘era’ and ‘culture’. Startup culture, as the people have been fond of calling it, is inconceivable without the use of digitalization to go along with it. An intangible relationship the two hold in a person’s life make living a whole lot easier.

People’s daily lives and its ease are entangled with technology to a point of no return. Who is to debate that this Independence Day we are much closer to being one of the developed nations than ever?

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