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Dialdent - Aims to be the Largest Dental Care Provider in India in Next 3 Years

In little over a year of its existence, Dialdent has done over 10,000 diagnosis and over 2000 on-site procedures on patients either through special camps for corporates in their offices or at homes of people.

Dialdent is a tech-enabled on-site mobile dental care service from Greystone Care Pvt Ltd., a company founded by professionals to usher in technology supported preventive health care. The company is based out of Gurgaon and has operations bases in Gurgaon and NOIDA, besides a sting of clinics all over NCR.

The company is led by Vinod Giri, a corporate veteran of over 25 years who is supported by a team of high profile advisors such as Arjun Dosaj, Singapore based head of Avista Asset Management, and Rajesh Relan, ex-head of pnb Metlife India.

Dialdent has already worked with 300 leading corporate organisations in NCR, a list that boasts of most leading companies. It adds 15-20 new companies every month to its list. It provides on-site diagnosis and treatment to thousands of corporate employees every month.

Journey since inception

Dialdent was founded in May 2015. It commenced its operation from a base in Gurgaon in September 2015 catering to all of NCR. It spent first six months rigorously testing every aspect of its model including equipment, operating processes, customer types, and its propriety booking, billing and CRM technology backbone. The company received its first external funding in March 2016. Thereafter it added another base in Noida in May 2016.

In little over a year of its existence, Dialdent has done over 10,000 diagnosis and over 2000 on-site procedures on patients either through special camps for corporates in their offices or at homes of people. The company has worked with nearly 300 corporate entities, a list which includes most leading blue chip organisations. It also has conducted hundreds of home visits to treat people in comfort of their own homes. It is also partner with most leading health insurance providers, third party administrators and home health care providers today. It conducts diagnosis for over a thousand people every month in NCR region.

Recognizing that many high surgical treatments may need clinical facility, the company built its own clinic base in Gurgaon in April 2016 and in Noida in May 2016. It has now expanded the network to 8 clinics under Dialdent umbrella in all parts of NCR. These work as backup for mobile dental operations.

Today the company has 15 doctors and 8 paramedic staff working for it.

Future plans

The company has well established the proof of concept, It is firmly embedded in NCR, and is now ready for the next phase, i.e., to roll out in 5 other cities - Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Pune. That will give company the scale to leverage national products & services, alliances and partnerships. In this phase the company will also roll out value added products such as dental covers nationally and kick off a dental e-commerce platform for dental practitioners. This will be followed by a pan-India roll out to 18 cities. In three years time, Dialdent aims to be the largest dental care provider in India with ability to do a million diagnostics and treatments in a year.

Competition & Differentiation

Dental service providers today are either standalone dental clinics, or dental clinic chains. They invest in clinics but do very little to get customers to clinics. They instead wait for patients to come to clinics which they will do only when having a pain or difficulty.

The fundamental difference Dialdent has with such clinics or clinic chains is that instead of waiting for patients to come to it, Dialdent goes to them using its mobile clinics. It also helps them discover dental problems early and then leads them into the dental care ecosystem smoothly by checking and treating them in their own comfort zones – be it their office or homes. It takes the clinic to patients, instead of making them come to clinic. Mobility is what separates Dialdent from current operators.

Technology backbone is another differentiating factor. Most dental care providers have no or limited ability to capture, mine and leverage patient data. Dialdent has its own technology platform which not only makes customer interface easy, it also helps company monitor, dissect, cross tabulate and use patient data.

Monetization model

Dialdent makes or plans to make its money from 1) patient treatments, 2) value added dental products to customers such as dental cover, and 3) leveraging Dialdent platform & access to customers to sell relevant third party products including a B2B platform for dental practitioners.

Market size & opportunity

The market opportunity, consisting of customers in right age, socioeconomic class, and likely incidence of existing dental health issues in just 18 top cities is over Rs 6000 crores.

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