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Advertisement A Startup That Helps Businesses To Create Strong Presence On Digital Platform in a Cost Effective Way

Dfizz, founded by Bhushan Patkar on April 2013, is in an efficient tool that creates and maintains strong presence of their businesses on digital platforms.

Most of the website designing companies and digital marketing companies need to have social media experts, web designers and software engineers to serve their clients. Therefore, when they want to grow or scale their business they always need to hire more experts and overhead cost is always on the rise. There is an ardent need to make digital marketing easy and accessible for startups and MSMEs who do not have the exposure, knowledge or funds for it. Such concerns of SMEs and startups led to the conceptualization of

Dfizz, founded by Bhushan Patkar on April 2013, is in an efficient tool that creates and maintains strong presence of their businesses on digital platforms. The businesses can now focus on vital business activities while takes care of their online presence.

The biggest USP of is that the products offered reduces the work force cost and at the same time is quick and effective. Hence, by filling up one form, the client is visible on digital platform. It is the simplest way to use best of technology at minimum cost.

In an interaction with BWdisrupt team, Bhusan talked about his initiative and his journey so far.

How and when this idea came into existence?

Sometime last year I was also helping a friend start his restaurant in Karjat, I first began by designing his website and then prepared digital marketing campaign for him. Simultaneously we searched for website building tools, created his FB page, etc. Eventually, the demand for all these products led to the evolution of

As we are currently seeing the pattern of the Startup sector, we felt that the SME’s and Startups have so much on their plate that they don’t have time to manage the other important aspects of their business with minimum resources and funds in hand. Most of the small-scale businesses in India have very limited monthly revenue. It becomes difficult for them to allocate funds for a social media manager/agency. We understand these concerns of a startup, which also led to the conceptualization of

What are the special key features of your startup? is an online product that helps create the website, integrates CRM and manage social media presence automatically without any human interference. Millions of businesses can use at the same time!

We can scale quickly and rapidly through continuous research and development of system. We would be able to grow with minimum overhead cost and resources. 

How do you plan to compete in the market?

We do not have a direct competitor in terms of the product. Some companies offer products only for social media wherein others offer products only for website building and some offer only CRM. If you want to use these products, you need to have some sort of technical knowledge. You will also have to maintain 2-3 different systems and pay these experts. However, with, you can do all this automatically, at one place without much technical knowledge.

What are your plans for investment?

It is a bootstrapped startup. However, we are hopeful to raise Rs 2crore from angel investment

How do you monetize?

We are looking for mass customer base and want our target audience to experience the effectiveness of our product in India. We have kept the cost minimum and it is on a subscription-based model. One can use it for a month or a year depending on the budget as well as the requirement. There is no setup cost or any initial investment for resources or need for any hardware. is even tab and mobile friendly. We also offer customization for specific requirements from clients.

What is your present status? Also, what are your future plans?

Our vision is to simplify digital marketing.  Today we have 50+ clients from different industries. We have many customers who have benefited using For e.g. two of our client’s - both restaurant owners, one from Karjat, Maharashtra and the other from Vallejo, California, USA have seen footfalls increase within a week. We have many clients from varied industries such as Real Estate Developers, Tours/ Travels, Startups, PR Consultants, Bloggers etc. If people will know about our product that is so simple yet so beneficial and exists at minimum cost, many more would definitely want to try. Therefore, we are now focusing on sales and marketing of to expand our reach and benefit more business.

Was it difficult to target the market?

It is surprising to see people’s reaction when we speak with people regarding the things that one can do automatically for their business through They do not believe us in the beginning as on feel’s that physical presence on the job is more important even if in reality the resource is wasting time and money on doing basics that can be easily automated. We are confident in changing this mindset, through real life and real time examples. For e.g. if someone asks for Presentation or Demo, we just ask them to fill up their business information form and creates their website, social media posts, connects CRM in a fraction. We show them that their business is now all set on Digital platform. Having experienced this real time example, they are pleasantly shocked and willing to learn more.

What is the market size and market opportunity?

There are about 51 million SME’s and startups in India today out of which only 5% are using online platform (Social media) for leveraging their business.  The rest of them are still unaware about its potential. Hence, there is a huge market for platforms like

Even though we live in the times where social media is a huge phenomenon and every Indian understands the power of digital medium and its potential to grow their business, very few have the access to Internet, especially in the rural areas. Gov. of India and other organizations like Google, Facebook etc. are focusing on getting at least 20% of these businesses (approx. 2 Million) online in next 5 years. A lot of these SME’s and Startups lack the technical knowledge, have limited funds or resources to hire Digital Marketing experts or to buy expensive CRM. Hence, the scope for is immense. This tool is the easy and effective solution for them. We want to help them setup their Digital Presence using and gain benefits of digital world. 

What advice you want to give the new entrants in this space?

Focus on the core competency and help people learn new technology. By doing this we can tap into huge market of online marketing in India.

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