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Advertisement to Launch Its First Exclusive Center in Bangalore

Founded in 2016 is establishing its mark as a holistic integrated healthcare platform that combines mind and body wellness in three critical dimensions -, and

Mukesh Bansal, founder of

India’s leading health and lifestyle startup has announced the launch of its first standalone center at Koramangala in Bangalore. This will be the country’s first exclusive center that integrates mindful yoga and meditation, with insights from modern psychology and science.

The center will provide group training sessions to participants under the guidance of Dr.Shyam Bhat, India’s leading psychiatrist and integrative medicine specialist. Members subscribed to CULT can utilize these services at no extra cost. aims to be the gym for the mind

While  yoga in the present times is practiced as a form of physical fitness, teachers integrate a classical style of Hatha yoga with mindfulness and breath work. These instructions combined with insights from modern psychology and western science  make mindfit practices beneficial for both mind and body,  helping reduce stress, better focus, improved mood and energy, and better sleep and overall quality of life.

The training module is divided into 4 core categories

•     Hatha - Classical style of yoga with a focus on asanas and the breath

•     Core Hatha - A mindful yoga practice focusing on the core area of the body - abdomen, lower back and legs

•     APM - Asana, Pranayama and Meditation blended into an integrated mind-body practice

•     Insight meditation and Deep Relaxation - Meditation deep dive with Dr.Shyam Bhat

Speaking on the launch of the first center, Mukesh Bansal, founder of said, “We are excited to launch center in Bangalore, which is a first of its kind in India. expands Curefit offering to cover mental fitness and well being. There is an alarming rise in the cases of stress and hypertension among the working population and there is huge gap in the market in terms of science based, secular and authentic solution. consists of online and offline guided yoga and meditation sessions by top of the line meditation therapists. Our holistic approach to mental and physical fitness will help our consumers find calm and balance in their increasingly chaotic daily life.”

Commenting on the launch of the center-  Dr.Shyam Bhat, leading psychiatrist and integrative medicine specialist said, “Today over 40% of the working millennial population in cities are potentially under significant mental stress. At the same time, we are living in a time of great opportunity in India. 

Just as we go to gyms to improve our strength and physical fitness, in today’s world we need a place for the mind - Mindfit is that space.

mindfit classes use an integration of  scientifically backed meditation and Yoga practices, and psychology,  to help people let go of stress and to harness the full potential of the mind."

People interested in exploring and its offerings can enroll for a week’s free training classes between 28th August and 3rd September. Interested candidates can enroll via the app on their smartphones.

Founded in 2016 is establishing its mark as a holistic integrated healthcare platform that combines mind and body wellness in three critical dimensions -, and

While focuses on mindful yoga and meditation, is a subscription based, handcrafted, nutritive food delivery vertical and is a membership-oriented workout vertical that caters to consumers through its brick and mortar centres along with do-it-yourself exercise app content. As part of its recent association with Hrithik Roshan, also offers HRX workouts under program.

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