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Cuemath Wants to Guarantee Your Child an A for Math

Manan the math genius says, “Not just across India, all over the world you will find too many children who hate math because they were taught it all wrong.”

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Cuemath is the premier program for ‘math excellence’ for students in grade KG to 8. It is delivered by highly qualified, well-trained and certified Cuemath Teacher Partners.

In 2013, Cuemath was founded by IIT Delhi graduate and acclaimed author of mathematics books Manan Khurma with objective of ‘making kids great at math’. “Math is a really beautiful subject matter, and the best way to make children understand how beautiful it is by focusing on the ‘why’ behind those often misunderstood mathematical formulas,” he said.

In 2007 Manan founded his first startup, Locus Education, which focused on training JEE aspirants in Mathematics. He also designed and developed innovative Mathematics using both traditional methods as well as online learning. In his six years at Locus Education, he trained over 10,000 JEE aspirants. Locus Education was acquired by NHElite, a Sriram subsidiary in 2010.

Cuemath Teacher Partners are handpicked from a vast pool which mostly consists of highly qualified and educated women who are looking to switch or restart their careers. These teachers can earn about 15,000 to 20,000 rupees a month for 6 hours work. After undergoing the screening process they are trained and made to appear for multiple assessments before being certified. This ensures quality and credibility of their home-based Cuemath centers. Cuemath Teacher Partners are provided with Cuemath’s proprietary learning system to conduct classes and administrative systems to manage and grow their centers. “We only select around 5 for every 100 teacher applicants. That’s how rigorous the process is,” Manan said.

Cuemath’s unique learning system covers math comprehensively and in an engaging way which the kids love. Data and technology are the backbone of the program - they define each student's learning trajectory and instruct the Cuemath Teacher Partners on exactly what to teach and how to teach it. Cuemath’s learning system is self-paced, tailored made for every student which in turn leads them to increase their understanding of the subject and fall in love with it.

Manan has written extensively for Pearson Publishing as well McGraw Hill on the subject of Mathematics for JEE.

A truly passionate mathematician, in 2013 Manan founded Cuemath, a math learning programme for children from KG to Class, with the vision of making kids great at math. In his current role as CEO, he oversees all aspects of the business.

In December 2016, Cuemath received 15 million dollars in Series B round of finding from Sequoia India and CapitalG (erstwhile Google Capital). According to Manan, these heavy weight global investors were convinced to invest because of the scalability of the idea.

“Not just across India, all over the world you will find too many children who hate math because they were taught it all wrong. The thing is math can’t be memorized or learned through rote methods. But going forward into a world so reliant on smart machines kids these days will need good mathematical skills if they are ever to find employment.”

Manan does have a point here since mathematics is the foundation of data sciences that will be running all technologies that will power the world in years to come. In a future like that, you will have to have better computing skills to manipulate these advanced technologies.

Time to brush up on those math skills then.

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