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Cuberoot – Aims to Become the Largest Indigenous 3rd Party Data Aggregator, Plans to Reach 100M User Base

'Right from MNCs to big Indian conglomerates to start-ups, we are serving organizations which are keen to leverage data driven insights to compete with the leaders in their respective category," says Atul Soni, Co-Founder & CMO, Cuberoot.

Atul Soni, Co-Founder & CMO, Cuberoot Technologies

Programmatic digital advertising forms broadly around Rs. 1,400 crore of the total Rs. 7,000 crore online ad spends in the Indian market with the expected YOY growth between 25% - 30%. Excited with this growth potential, Cuberoot finds it as the lucrative space to explore and position itself as the leading Data Management Platforms (DMP) in the entire programmatic ecosystem.

To put it simply, Cuberoot, an indigenous DMP, is an intelligent data warehouse that has the capability to ingest data from multiple sources (website, apps, CRM, IoT, online databases etc.), enrich the same with available additional data points, segment them into actionable micro audience buckets and make them available for effective online advertising or content targeting.

In addition, by clubbing the sharply defined audience profiles, Cuberoot DMP enables brands to reach out to their potentially true customers on digital platforms like Google, E-mail, Facebook, etc. This further helps minimizing placement based advertising wastage that is currently rampant in the industry.

In an interaction with BW Disrupt, Atul Soni, Co-Founder & CMO, Cuberoot Technologies shared details about his venture.

Idea behind the inception

We (all the three co-founders) were part of digital advertising ecosystem with significant exposure in agency and network side of the business. We were aware of the rapid developments happening on the programmatic side of advertising where data was ought to play critical role in marketing intelligence for marketers and publishers. The acceptance of Data Management Platform was on the rise in global markets and data-driven approach was gaining acceptance in every marketer’s growth strategy.

However, since most of the Data Management Platforms (DMPs) were international, we often discussed what value a homegrown DMP can bring in the market. Possibilities ranges from an indigenous audience pool to custom segmentations to an in-house DMP solution as per a local client’s needs to cost advantage, data protection, and more.

That was kind of the genesis; which led us to officially incorporate Cuberoot in April 2015.

About Cuberoot

A Data Management Platform apart from its clichéd definition of managing data, provides the requisite, yet somewhat unnoticed, function of data collection, translation, classification, indexing, and storage. Thus, for an efficient functioning of a DMP, multiple complicated and advanced tools and technology work in sync to achieve ROI results for the clients. Breaking down this complicated process in simpler manner; raw data primarily gets categorized in three forms: -

First Party Data: The most valuable form of data gathered straight from the user or customer owned assets like brand/corporate websites, mobile app, e-com channels, CRMs, etc.

Second Party Data: is essentially first party data from a different advertiser. The information is initially collected in the form of first-party data and then passed on to another advertiser through a partnership agreement.

Third Party Data: Data collected from a range of different sources and leveraged by advertisers for effective audience targeting.

Our Data Intelligence Platform performs data analysis with advance algorithms. These algorithms process the data using various methods to match users across different devices, reduplicate the data, create virtual audience profile and activate the data for Ad Exchanges/DSPs to target relevant ads. This process allows advertisers to gain meaningful insights and target specific users through their campaigns.

Further, Cuberoot’s services are segregated based on marketer's and publisher’s requirements. For both marketers and publishers, true data management, audience profile analytics and data intelligence services are the offered common benefits. In addition, Cuberoot also allows marketers to utilize its already existing 3rd party custom segments to run marketing campaigns on a primary and re-targeting basis. On the other hand, the publishers can leverage the platform for content targeting and customization. This can also help in increasing their revenue by optimizing yield of their advertising inventory.

Competition & Differentiation

Any available DMP in the market is our competitor. Even certain companies masquerading as Data Management firms are our competitors and apparently qualify as our short-term challenges as well.

They compete for the same share of pie which we are targeting on marketers and publishers end. Having said that, what differentiates us from them is that we offer a complete suite, where under service led approach, we offer various solutions on different subscription based packages. And under product led model, we offer ‘private deployment’ of our services at client’s premises, a possibility not offered by others in the Indian market currently to the best of our knowledge.

Traction Numbers

Right from MNCs to big Indian conglomerates to start-ups, we are serving organizations which are keen to leverage data driven insights to compete with the leaders in their respective category.

We are relatively new in the business ecosystem and are already working with five to six renowned players in E-commerce, telecom, FMCG, and education sectors and are excited to expand our portfolio to include players from BFSI and travel categories.

Future Plans

Apropos rapid developments which are happening at the product end, we aspire to be within the realm of handful of companies to offer most penetrated DMPs in the country. In near future, we’d like to have a global footprint too as we are confident of our product capabilities and would like to start with APAC region first.

We are also working towards becoming the largest indigenous 3rd party data aggregator within our space with an aim to reach 100 million audience base (currently at approx. 25 million unique devices), profiled in 1000+ IAB (International Advertising Bureau) defined segments, and made available to marketers and advertisers across the categories.

Market Size & Opportunity

In absence of any syndicate industry report and complex product environment, it is tough to comment on the definite market share numbers. The absolute fact is that the market surely offers huge scope for companies which are passionate about offering best of data-driven marketing solutions in the industry, the finding which we can confidently approve of owing to the impeccable growth we have experienced in the recent times.

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