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Cricket App Cricnwin Aims to Expand to About 15 Countries Over 2-3 Years

Cricnwin is bootstrapped and is funded by its co-founders. It is looking to raise an angel round of $150,000 to $200,000, which should be a great start.

In a country where cricket isn’t merely a sport but quite evidently a religion, giving each cricket fan and enthusiast a platform that keeps them hooked just seems like the right thing to do. Cricnwin is an app that was launched with this very intention.

Cricnwin is a fan engagement platform which provides users with all possible services and entertainment related to cricket. It promotes live gaming, which involves virtual betting, fantasy leagues as well as in-app match discussions, supporting thousands of users at any given time, along with much more.

It is in the process of developing a world of cricket where every fan can participate and win both monetary and non-monetary rewards. Launched just 3 months ago, the app has already crossed 45K downloads and 10K active users. With around 5000+ bets per match and growing exponentially, the platform is already profitable on a unit economics model and is purely based on virtual money.

Cricnwin is also aiming at acquiring the market at a fast pace and retaining them for a long period with its products and services. It stands different in the market because of its all new gaming (virtual betting), super-fast live scores and it follows live matches while one plays on Cricnwin.

It has certain unique key features which include engagement with gaming, live local match coverage, option to follow all international & national matches, super-fast live scores, virtual betting that feels real, option to check match schedules, test your cricket knowledge with cricket quizzes and read all cricket related news & even earn points for doing so.

Cricnwin earns through media sales, in-app purchases and commissions received on voucher redemption. The base platform is free for everyone – both customers and sellers.

In the future, the app also aims to earn via sponsorships and by organizing gaming events. The current focus is to build scale before such value-added services and/or this fee-based model kicks in.

Cricnwin is bootstrapped and is funded by its co-founders. It is looking to raise an angel round of $150,000 to $200,000, which should be a great start. The amount will primarily be used to build a team, on its technology, personalization and in attaining more traction. The app is looking to break even by the second year of its inception.

Cricnwin would like to see itself grow into a $30 billion business within a few years. This will require the startup expand to about 15 countries over 2-3 years. The current focus, however, is to fully build the product and work on personalisation.

The marketing plan is a mix of digital marketing – ASO/SEM/SEO/SMM, emails, etc., traditional word of mouth (which has contributed to 25% of the current downloads) and customer references. The Gaming industry is in itself a 360$ billion market, with India having a fan base of 730 million+ people.

Cricket lovers, this is the new era to be a part of the game. Cricnwin is one of its kind, and the reason you must fund is to support us in scaling much faster in technology and be the next gaming generation.

They are now amongst the top 32 Catapooolt Changemakers Season 2 and are trying to bring a change in their disruptive idea – ‘to scale up in the advancement of technology'. You too can be a part of their initiative by backing them on -

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