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Co-founders of VCats Start a New Venture RapidRetail - India’s first Retail Go-To Market Enabler for Brands

RapidRetail has launched its first retail megastore of Patanjali at Indore and plans and development projects have already started across various regions.

After successfully setting up India’s incubator, Venture Catalysts’ Co-founders Mr. Anil Jain and Mr. Anuj Golecha are now aiming to disrupting the retail space in India with the launch of RapidRetail –India’s first retail go-to market enabler for emerging and established brands. Along with Mr. Vishal Shah and Mrs.Poonam Kalra, the dynamic team of investors aim to stamp their authority in the retail brand management space with RapidRetail with a vision to establish multiple megastores of the iconic Indian FMCG brands throughout the country.

RapidRetail has launched its first retail megastore of Patanjali at Indore and plans and development projects have already started across various regions. Patanjali Megastore is a unique and a large dedicated retail brand store that will have the entire range of Patanjali products and aims to provide an enhanced experience of the brand to the consumers. The Megastore will also have a Divya Pharmacy established within its area that will store the complete range of ayurvedic products provided by the brand. Additionally, every megastore will have a dedicated Vaidya (medical service provider) who will treat patients free of cost.

Patanjali currently manufactures more than 900 products, with the list growing longer constantly. Considering its increasing brand value and greater share in the FMCG market, strengthening its brand connect and accessibility to the consumer is of paramount importance. Highlight this area, Co-founder and CEO of RapidRetail, Vishal Shah said “Patanjali has disrupted the FMCG Category norms in India over the last decade and has received an overwhelming positive reception from the consumers. Swami RamdevJi & Acharya Shri Balkrishnaji are visionaries in the Ayurvedic domain and are working passionately towards further growth of their dream project, introducing more innovative products driven by our ancient physiological and medical knowledge. With RapidRetail, we aim to boost the attempts of such strong brands to capture the consumer’s imagination and a lion’ share in the market by offering them the best GoToMarket strategy."

Shrenik Jain, Managing Partner, RapidRetail - Indore Megastore said “We are excited to bring India’s best and fastest growing brand to one of Asia’s largest residential colony of Sudama Nagar in Indore.  There is a huge demand for Patanjali products in Indore and now people can buy all the products of Patanjali from a single place, enjoying unique experiences such as free medical sessions and product awareness demonstration etc.”

RapidRetail Co-founder, AnujGolecha said “RapidRetail aims to serve the yawning gap that exists in brand empowerment in India that prevents brands from reaching out to multiple cities in India with greater speed and optimally scaled operations, especially for dedicated brand stores and generating brand experience. We are providing a platform for brands that will take care of all the elements of the Go-To Market set up while the brands can focus on their core functions of creating superior products and services.” Co-founder Mrs. PoonamKalra added, “Patanjali is creating high quality products across categories. Their ayurvedic knowledge and strength is unmatched and the foundation they have laid will definitely go a long way. RapidRetail will ensure brand Patanjali is able to channel its growing presence effectively and quickly transform the benefits received from a healthy brand stature into higher revenue numbers. ”

RapidRetail will help brands across various stages of the Go-To market cycle such as onboarding, location audit of the places where the stores must be launched, financing, creating marketing plans and strategies to attract and retain consumers to the stores and providing continuous support to ensure steady operations of the store.

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