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Cleantech Startup ‘Recover Habitat’ Tech Enables Your Old Raddi Removal

The startup has an app called Old Raddi Sold to help you make money while getting rid of your junk

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World Environment Day is here again and this year the theme encourages people to connect with the nature by exploring it, understanding it and acknowledging the importance of mutual dependence. If people are planning to be a part of this celebration, a walk into the environment will surely expose them to the harsh reality of how they are abusing the environment for their ease and gain.

Recover Habitat is leading the change

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Recover Habitat is a dynamic clean tech startup built on the tenets of sustainability of environment and adopting technological innovations to achieve the same. The company is in the process of streamlining numerous innovative products, processes and services that would reduce the negative environmental impact. 

Recover Habitat integrates Information Technology, Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) to impact the environmental management in critical domains such as Waste Management, Recycling, Renewable Energy and Green Transportation. The company has initiated its first step to address dry waste management by utilizing Mobile and IoT technology that would help in streamlining dry waste collection that can be sent efficiently for recycling through channel partners to reduce global carbon footprints.

Old Raddi Sold (ORS), the dry waste management solution

The company's flagship app, ORS, creates a collaborative platform that connects consumers, scrap vendors, traders and recyclers to generate business opportunity by disposing the waste responsibly and contributing to the wellness of the environment. Through the ORS app, one can sell waste like paper, plastic, metal, glass and e-waste. All one has to do is register themselves and schedule a pick up time and date. A professional agent will arrive at your doorstep, weigh the waste using a digital scale and the amount will be transferred to your e-wallet or to your bank account depending on your preference. Currently, the app has a network of few channel partners and is partly functional in North East of Bengaluru but soon shall be available across the city and other parts as well.

The road ahead

The company is currently working on an enhanced version of the app with improved functionality to support aggregator model (Cloud-based software as a service, SaaS, model) that would help in scaling up waste management services across the country. A better business model is conceived for channel partners as well with plans afoot to add 2000 channel partners across India. The improved version of the app is in sync with both the Smart City Solution and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

iBin, another innovative product from Recover Habitat, is an intelligent waste monitoring and recycling system that delivers an integrated IoT (sensors) and cloud-connected platform as a service (Paas). iBin provides a partner to help deploy and optimize collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resources. The product is currently in prototype development. Recover Habitat is also working on IoT-based low cost product with predictive analytics that would help Indian farmers to measure atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature using sensors based on various agro crops' requirements depending on type and geo-locations.

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