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Chinese SHAREit Now No. 1 Partner For Companies Entering India

SHAREit first started in China in 2012; now India is one of its largest markets.

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Considered one of the three "national apps" in India, SHAREit has a total of 870 million users worldwide. In India alone, there are more than 250 million users. Large market share and rapid expansion of user group have brought SHAREit a growing global influence.

SHAREit is a free app from Lenovo to transfer files from one Wi-Fi compatible device to another. Files including photos, videos, music, contacts, apps and any other files could be transferred using SHAREit. The app is compatible across all major operating systems including, Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices.

By 2016, SHAREit's performance in the Indian market had attracted numerous international giants for business cooperation, including not only Google, Samsung, Amazon, and YouTube, but also emerging Chinese companies like ZUK, Huawei and UC.

In addition to cooperation with international giants like Google and Amazon, SHAREit, which claims to be one of the most promising Chinese mobile internet company in India, also serves as a high quality content distribution channel for promising Chinese companies which aim to expand to India.

In the past year, dozens of Chinese companies, including Huawei, ZUK and UC, have launched advertisements through SHAREit.

Communications made on behalf of SHAREit say they serve “Indian consumers with high-quality products while promoting the development of China's mobile internet industry.”

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