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Chinese QiGoal Group Ties Up With Redcliffe Capital to Make Investments in India

QiGoal Group is aimed at becoming international financial group. The group engages in three sectors: Investment (global private equity investment), Education (China LP education and youth financial quotient education), and Consulting (financial advisory and post merger integration, etc.).

(L-R) Dheeraj Jain, ‎Managing Partner, Redcliffe Capital & Pan Song, Founding Partner, QiGoal Group

The Chinese firm QiGoal Capital founded by renowned private equity expert Pan Song is an investment banking and principal investment firm which will soon be making investments in India. QiGoal will be forming a strategic partnership with Redcliffe Capital to invest in India.

While talking about the partnership, Dheeraj Jain, ‎Managing Partner at Redcliffe Capital, said, "Pan Song (Founding Partner, QiGoal Group) knows so much about China as well as India. We are really blessed to have some who has such deep knowledge about various sectors. We are planning to invest in healthcare, TMT, consumption stories and education sectors. Healthcare remains the most important sector for this group of Chinese investors Pan Song is working at this point of time. Also we are looking at some FMCG companies to make investment in.”

QiGoal Group is  aimed  at  becoming an international  financial  group. The  group engages  in  three  sectors:  Investment  (global  private  equity   investment),  Education  (China  LP  education  and  youth  financial  quotient  education),  and  Consulting  (financial  advisory  and  post   merger  integration,  etc.).  Its  businesses  are  all  over  the  world,  including  North  America,  Europe,  Israel,  India,  Japan  and  China. The firm has  22  cooperation  partners  in  the  world  and  abundant  local  resources,  providing  financial  services  for  global  clients.  

"As an investor we are not looking for companies who are doing small pilots here and there. We like mature companies. Lots of companies who approached us in the past were B2C. We are seeing B2B really becoming a larger thing. We are seeing companies who deal in artificial intelligence solutions embedded into solutions and things which go directly to the consumer. At the same we are also seeing lots of realistic valuation," added Dheeraj Jain.

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