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Campify - A Mobile App EdTech Startup Aims to Keep the Students Updated About Latest Happenings in the College Campus

The biggest challenge was to close our previous venture NZT Solutions and simultaneously retaining our core team to work on campify.

Campify is a mobile app edtech startup that aims to keep the students updated about latest happenings in the college campus. From academic information to the news and events, this app broadcasts live updates and keep the students informed about every tiny update. The startup was founded by Divya Goyal and her husband Tushar Goyal in February 2016.

Subhangini Aggarwal Interacts With Divya Goyal, Co-founder, Campify And Spoke To Her

How did the entrepreneurial bug bite you?

I started my career as a Mobile Developer right out of college after completing my B.Tech. Spent close to 5 years working on mobile technology and leading iOS & Android development teams. I was looking out for something much more challenging and interesting to do so that i can utilize my skills up to their best level.

After 2 years of entrepreneurial experience, I founded Campify with the goal of providing one stop information platform to students catering to most of their needs. Before Campify, I co-founded a successful startup called NZT Solutions, A solution provider IT company.

About Campify

I founded Campify in February 2016. I started with my husband, Tushar Goyal. He is Co-Founder in Campify. We are a very strong and experienced team. I have 6+ years of experience in IT industry and looking after overall operations & strategy of company. Whereas my co-founder has extensive experience in marketing field from over a decade and he is leading marketing team in Campify. We also have a full time working CTO, Ankit Mittal who has 5 years of experience in development field and is presently leading technical team of 10 people.

How does Campify work?

Campify simplify student’s life by providing one stop solution to them. Presently academic files are spread to students in the form of hard copies like previous year papers, notes, syllabus etc also academic information like news, events, notices disproportionately spread via WhatsApp groups and facebook pages. Students also face issue in asking questions to their alumni or college mates. Campify solve these issues by bringing all the things on one platform. They can now easily access files in the form of soft copies, they can have instant access to notices, campus news, events and they can also resolve their queries via question & answer wall.

Special key features

Key Features include - Academic files like previous year papers, syllabus, notes, Campus news & events, Question Answer forums & academic notifications.

Challenges faced

The biggest challenge was to close our previous venture NZT Solutions and simultaneously retaining our core team to work on Campify.

Differentiation factors

We stand apart from our rivals in a few ways –

1. I believe, we’ve got the best tech team out there. We’re really proud of what we’ve built in the short period of time since we started up.
2. Next generation technology that gives my users an edge over other competitors.
3. Real time analytics to measure user behaviour and to gather user feedbacks. We believe in quickly responding to users’ needs and requests.

Clients & expansion

Our clients are students and colleges. As of now we have launched beta version in NIT Kurukshetra and we are all set to launch next version in Delhi University and PAN Nit in upcoming session.

Marketing plans

Since our target audience is students so we are planning to organize various events which will aim to promote app and create awareness among students.

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