Buzz4health - Aims to be the Most Trusted Platform for Continuous Medical Education for Doctors

Company's vision is to be the most trusted platform for Continuous Medical Education for Doctors in the world. Buzz4health is a global business emanating from India, with a strong presence so far in Emerging markets.

Buzz4health is a unique professional platform for doctors and medical students, which lets them collaborate through real medical cases and other continuous medical education content.

The platform has been incepted with the idea that a doctor’s education never ends with a degree; a medical practitioner needs to stay updated with the latest information on new drugs, research, approaches and emerging evidence based treatment protocols. Buzz4health gives access to real-world medicine and helps physicians to share and gain knowledge from multiple specialists with relevant work experience. The customized professional platform helps verified doctors post their medical cases in a click and seek opinion of 1,50,000+registered doctors on the platform.

About the Founders

Launched in March 2015, Buzz4health is based out of New Delhi. The founders of the company are Hitesh Ganjoo and Tushar Gupta, who previously worked with Stryker, a Fortune 500 Medical Technologies firm. During their stint at Stryker, they witnessed lacunae in the healthcare ecosystem from a training and education perspective. They realized that not all medical professionals have access to the right tools at the right time. They witnessed lack of infrastructural facilities, high operational costs and negligible use of technology in the healthcare domain in India. Keeping the scenario in mind, the duo decided to bridge the gap in the country’s medical information realm with the help of technology.

After vast and in-depth research and interactions with doctors across different specializations, Hitesh and Tushar created a collaborative, a unique platform for doctors, which can be accessed through the Buzz4health website or the mobile app that works on both iOS and Android devices. To attract more users to its network and make the platform more interesting, Buzz4health has also adopted a social currency, where doctors can earn credit points if their answers are backed by votes.

How does it work?

At Buzz4Health, doctors need not worry about security issues. The service encompasses a secure communication medium, wherein medical practitioners can raise queries, discuss and give suggestions without compromising on sensitive issues like patient anonymity or medical compliance issues. This facilitates seamless peer-to-peer discussions on the latest research, new medicines and patient care applications. Buzz4health also provides cutting edge premium content and format for Continuous Medical Education. Traditionally, CME’s have been confined to physical workshops and conferences but Buzz4health aims to disrupt that by providing premium online content which is not only remotely available but is duly certified and approved by the relevant medical associations.

Marketing Plans

As a pilot project, the company partnered with some of the best doctors from AIIMS, Medanta, NH hospital to create a unique format for an online CME which could be made available to the remotest areas in the country, by virtue of the huge user base on its platform. Having succeeded in this pilot, the company believes that it is uniquely positioned to leverage the strong partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders with the huge technology platform, and really scale the Continuous Medical Education through technology. This aligns with its ultimate objective to improve patient outcomes through collaborative medicine.

Traction Details

Over 1,50,000 registered doctors, 4000+ medical cases, 10+ countries

Funding Status

Have raised $300,000 so far.

Future Plans:

Company's vision is to be the most trusted platform for Continuous Medical Education for Doctors in the world. Buzz4health is a global business emanating from India, with a strong presence so far in Emerging markets. Going forward the company would want to scale the same model in Africa and Europe before becoming a truly global brand in the next 3-5 years.

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