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Gaurav Bhalla

The author is MD, Vatika Group

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Business Centre, Serviced Office or Co-working spaces - What Is Right For Your Business?

When we are in the process of selecting a workspace, we often overlook certain features that we may require down the line on an a-la-carte basis. While a business centre is full-equipped with all these features, a serviced office offers you few of these for an additional charge, as per your requirement

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Workspace culture has been drastically changing with the changing trends of the market. Starting from indigenous companies to MNCs who were opting for leased offices a decade ago are choosing 'modern office-space solutions lately. Owing to which modern ‘multi-tenanted’ office accommodation sector is thriving in leaps and bounds. The sector is serving all kinds of different options of places to conduct business. The best options among the rest are ‘business centres’, 'serviced offices' and 'co-working' spaces. Although all these three serve the same concept, there are stark differences between them. This is an often-debated topic of the times between those who are using co-working spaces to run their business and those who are enjoying the outstanding support services of a serviced office and business centres. 

Let us examine the common disparities between co-working spaces, business centres and serviced offices and figure out which one is best suited for your business:

Business privacy: An executive suite in a plush serviced office or a premium business centre definitely offers the best privacy to your business rather than a co-working space. Even in the best co-working set-up, keeping your trade secrets intact remains one of the key concerns, along with the security of your data and sensitive information. In addition to it, you might have to deal with competitors overhearing your phone calls and face a risk of your clients and employees being poached. You may constantly remain anxious of your data as there may be documents, emails or other collaterals that are used in the presence of others. This is a major disadvantage of co-working spaces over the serviced offices and business centres. Apart from the above said, distraction is also one of the major concerns. Business Centres and Serviced Offices are one that offers clutter and distraction-free offices to work, which lacks in co-working spaces. One should keep both the points while choosing the right office space. 

Personalisation of infrastructure and interior: As our work becomes more complex and demanding, so does the need to invest in the ambience that will maintain your productivity. Even when at work, a little personalisation goes a long way to maintain your preferred work momentum and the well-being of workers. Business Centres are a boon for all those looking for professional commercial premises with ample scope to shape your office environment as per requirements, for example - you may select a complete theme-based office design or a specific artwork for the walls, shapes and sizes of work-tables, number and kinds of plants to false ceiling, pin-up boards, carpeting, specific lighting arrangements and many such customisations which are not possible in co-working spaces. 

Business Support Services: Business Centres are known for their strong business support services, namely – taxation services, registration and legal compliance services, concierge services which include rider support, secretarial support and travel desk support to IT, HR and Marketing Services. These support services are significant in carrying out operations of any business seamlessly. Business Centres drive your business growth by providing a hassle-free way of managing day-to-day operations, as they have a team of experts on their toes dedicated to meticulously assisting you through these errands so that you can focus on your core business without distractions. In certain business centres, you may get these business services at an additional fee; however, serviced offices and co-working spaces completely disregard the significance of these services in their offerings as it might increase their cost per client. 

Hospitality by Professional Staff: Hospitality at modern workplaces has changed over time. It has evolved from nice coffee dispensing machine at the pantry area to world-class concierge service, the purposeful approach of support staff to create a positive experience for employees, clients, vendors and partners all is an art of new hospitality where we work. Best of Business Support Services are usually marked by consistent and expert hospitality services. Serviced offices come with professional and qualified support professionals to take care of all these aspects and help you focus on your core business. 

Additional Business Services: Mostly, premium business centres furnish few significant additional business services such as – IoT based board rooms, voice-command-based meeting rooms, HD-video conferencing and projectors, executive suites and lounge areas. However, in a few serviced offices you might have to rent-out these additional services as per your requirements. These days meeting rooms and board-rooms are fully equipped with digital flip-charts, ergonomic furniture, high-speed internet and more. Co-working spaces, however, completely neglect to provide these services to the clients. 

Networking & Collaboration: Much is talked about the ‘shared knowledge’ concept of the co-working spaces, especially by those who are evangelising on this culture. They claim that co-working spaces give a sense of community building and a chance to learn from those around you. Serviced offices also offer ‘live’ and ‘interactive’ shared cafes where you get to mingle with people from other offices. Besides, you often meet people in common and walk-through areas. In addition to it, serviced offices often conduct lively and purposeful events which offer ample networking opportunity to you unlike the unproductive events conducted by most co-working spaces. 

Few such critical services are customisable interiors & fit-outs, secretarial/administrative services, IoT based board rooms, voice-command-based meeting rooms to a live cooking cafeteria that offers fresh breakfast to your employees and fresh snacks to your clients. Additionally, you get other prominent concierge services whenever needed. These services are not usually offered by co-working spaces, making business centres the undisputed option for your business.  


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