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Subhasish Das

Subhasish Das is the Co-founder & CEO at Mr. Das a pioneer entrepreneur with a keen eye for picking up the pulse of the industry. He has 10 years of prolific experience in Operations and Project management domain across industries like Shipping, logistics Media. Before starting with Trukky, he was associated with Taxiforsure.

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Booking Goods Transportation Service is as Easy as Booking a Movie Ticket

Since 2016, the transport industry has witnessed a humungous transformation in terms of providing facilities.

Any business requires disruption after reaching a watershed and the transport service providers are no exception. The need to venture into new markets requires deep advancement in the latest technological tools and the timely capitalisation on this is taking the transport industry to places. The incorporation of Internet of Things (IOT) is on an increase, adding the sense of ease for both customers and owners. Since 2016, the transport industry has witnessed a humungous transformation in terms of providing facilities.

They have made the entire system transparent by offering shipment tracking options for shipping services, meeting customers’ demands quickly and efficiently. It has started with the delivery schedule, making the process more definitive and faster. In the thrush of optimized service, fresh and new business models also have been implemented, reaping benefits out of this amalgamation. Certainly, it is a beautiful space to thrive and survive and this has been possible through two key factors- technology and customers.

The rate of consumption has seen monumental changes in terms of development and progress. The customers who play a vital role in this transformation are growing more internet savvy, urging companies to evolve with time and use the latest technology which is also helping in curbing extra cost, which earlier went down the drain. Using advanced software tools is rapidly becoming the norm of daily business, especially in terms of booking transportation.

A perquisite on normal transportation, app booking has now infiltrated the ranks of cargo transportation too, to such an extent that it is as easy as 1-2-3! How has this come about? The onset of e-commerce portals and online services. You certainly can’t deny the fact that the e-commerce portals have saved your time and provided you with the best possible deals! Asia Pacific is largest consumer market and showing fastest growth in online services and India is the fastest growing market in e-commerce. Online services have started playing important role in Indian economic growth as well.

Increased Demand In The Domestic Market:

In such positive scenario, increasing demand is an inevitable fate- one that catapults the domestic market significantly. With this rise, business owners should update their teams in digital practices to get ready for capitalizing in future opportunity. One of the most challenging processes is managing goods transports, in terms of cost and security both.

Delay in material transport:

Speed and efficiency are the key factor that affects the sum total of business revenue. Manufacturer and small business owners are continuously facing losses because of the low-reliability issue of offline brokers dealing in truck booking services and hence look towards digitization to solve this.

Excessive cost :

A Lack in structured process to decide load truck booking cost and uncontrolled economic or social conditions often ends up heavy for the business owners, coughing up a high cost for the offline transport solutions. There is zero control that owners can exercise on their goods transport cost and have to rely on whatever information provided by the broker/truck service provider. They have completely no transparency about the cost being charged to them. Tired of this practise, they look for alternative options to curb the surmounting bills.

Poor Customer Support:              

There is a lack of awareness that is more often than not, a disadvantage for customer. When a customer is not well informed, there are high chances of fraudulent practices that would mar his belief in business. The current position of goods and when it’s exactly going to arrive on destination can help owner plan related process before time and help to increase overall productivity.

In short, the older practices have left customers high and dry- lo! Behold the power of app-based online booking. This ease and transparency is winning customer back into availing bulk transportation.

How to move in moving market:

Well the little birdies have greater thing to say! According to a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, majority of the businesses are still looking for freight booking management and integrated supply chain. While selecting Good Transport service for product movement, 80% of participants consider services great in fleet management with transparency, 83% safety and 75% real time monitoring of vehicle during bulk transportation service. Certainly, environment concerns, safety features and internet connectivity has changed the way businesses manage their goods transportation and how. Truth is- Tech driven Online businesses just made things a lot easier not only for end consumers even for business owners as well. So move ahead with the time and opt for an online transportation service, right away!

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