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BookMyTime Acqui-hires Car Management Startup Servicemykar

The acqui-hire includes a 10+ member team and also the inclusion of Raghavendra as the CEO of the new and expanded BookMyTime.

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BookMyTime, a car purchase and service platform has strengthened its market presence by way of an acquisition with car management startup Servicemykar was founded by Raghavendra Chandrappa, who is Founder & CEO of the company.

The acqui-hire includes a 10+ member team and also the inclusion of Raghavendra as the CEO of the new and expanded BookMyTime.

Commention on the acquisition, Raghuram Kote, Founder and Partner, BookMyTime said, “We are happy to announce this acquisition this early in our growth phase. This has been a strategic acquisition for BookMyTime since we have not only absorbed the team of Servicemykar, but we have also gained a CEO with Raghavendra Chandrappa. With this acquisition, we are ready to expand our operation in terms of service and geography.”

BookMyTime is an app that provides the following as a cohesive industry first for car owners. The app offers a host of functionalities that gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to any aspect of car ownership:

• Provide you the best price and value for new cars of any brand
• Widest network of car service providers while ensuring quality and value for money
• Fingertip reach of puncture shops dotting your city
• 24/7 towing services

It acts as an advisor for the complete lifecycle starting from the purchase of your brand new car to the servicing and maintenance of it.

The company has painstakingly mapped every quality car maintenance and service provider in the city and made it available at the click of a button.

A unique novelty of the BookMyTime app is the puncture shop finder functionality which gets you rid of the painful process of replacing tires and addressing punctures even in remote and unfamiliar areas.

In addition towing services offered by the app helps you get in touch with brand neutral towing service providers on your fingertips.

The company helps customers make the right choice in buying new cars with informed advice and further helps you secure the best bargain possible. This is possible because BookMyTime is a social platform which brings together a bunch of people who are interested in buying the same brand of a car and further leverages the power of collective bargaining. The backend team typically negotiates with multiple car dealers on behalf of customers to deliver to you the best discounts and deals.

BookMyTime has launched its services currently in Bangalore. Their milestones in the recent months include:

• Tied up with over 182 authorized and multi-brand recognized garages for car services
• Tied up with all the 110 dealers in Bangalore for new cars
• Mapped over 900+ puncture shops in Bangalore city
• Partnered with 5 independent towing agencies for car towing services

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