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Blockchain Expert Mohit Mamoria Launches a Crypto Fund, Authorito Capital

Authorito Capital will help people invest in crypto better, and get blockchain startups off the ground.

2017 was the year when blockchain went mainstream, and with it, we witnessed a lot of people jumping into the market. While the countries are working to form regulations around the entire industry, we have seen a lot of scams happening all around, stealing away a lot of innocent money in the name of disruptive technology.

Despite all the ups and downs, the crypto landscape has been through; the truth remains - future will be decentralized. Think about it – our names, our citizenship, our bank accounts, our vehicle and land ownership, our marriages, our fundamental rights, our laws, our court cases – all of these are just a record in some database. And to protect the integrity of the database, we have an authority looking after it. But what makes us trust the authority? We don’t know. The assumption, “we need someone to look after our data,” has finally been questioned. This pursuit to find an answer to this question led to an even stronger belief in a decentralized world. And the seeds of which eventually germinated in the year 2017.

The newly launched Authorito Capital is like a mutual fund but for decentralized assets. It is launched by Mohit Mamoria, a thought leader in blockchain and cryptocurrencies and has been programming as well for the last 15 years. He mined his first bitcoins in the year 2011 and has been bullish on blockchain ever since. He is a serial entrepreneur, who built his first company at age 18, and is currently building his third as the co-founder and CEO of a crypto hedge fund called "Authorito Capital".

Besides that, he is a TEDx speaker and actively contributes his thoughts and knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies to some of the largest publications. His content gets shared by the biggest of VCs, influencers, and publications like New York Times and CoinDesk.

Authorito Capital is an actively managed open-ended crypto fund. For any investor, this fund is the easiest, diverse and the most secure way to start investing in cryptos. 

“We are unique in the sense that along with trading, we also use mining to grow the Net Asset Value of the assets under management,” said Mohit.

The team at Authorito Capital will deploy this capital in various decentralized assets, including coins, tokens, and ICOs. Up to 20% of the money will be used to back blockchain startups by participating in their token sales.

In an interaction with BW Disrupt, Mohit Mamoria shared details about Authorito Capital.

How Authorito Capital makes investment decisions?

Authorito Capital’s investment strategy is simple. At least 80% of our investments will be in the long-term positions. This slice of the pie will be held for 3+ years and rebalanced every week. Up to 20% of the investments will be to back blockchain projects in their early days by participating in their ICOs. Our ICO evaluation team spends between 45-55 hours per ICO to evaluate it for investment.

Can anybody participate in the fund?

Everybody is eligible to register their interest in participating in the fund on our website - However, we profile every investor before taking their money in the fund. We do it to make sure nobody is investing their hard earned money that they might need in next few years. Profiling also helps us understand the mindset with which the potential investor is coming from. We don’t accept any sum of money from someone who wants to get in to make quick returns. We are building the fund for the long haul, and supporting cryptopreneurs in the long run, and that’s the kind of investors we are looking to work with.

Should people invest in cryptos?

There’s no black and white answer to this question. Cryptos are a new class of assets and must be understood well before putting even a single penny in them. The ever climbing prices of cryptocurrencies should not be the decisive factor for any sane investor. If one already has a diversified portfolio of other assets, like real estate, equities, stocks, debts, it makes sense to invest 2-5% of their wealth in the decentralized assets. Afterall, all the other asset classes are pegged to the centralized currencies; therefore, it makes sense to hedge against them with a tiny portion of one’s wealth.

One must remember that this entire market is a “high-risk high returning.” The amount that an investor invests is highly likely to yield negative returns in the short term.

What makes crypto assets different from the conventional ones?

I have been traveling the world speaking at various blockchain conferences and understanding the mindset of an average person in this industry. One thing I have noticed is that many people believe decentralized assets to have the very similar economics to that of other assets, like equity.

The significant difference between how the two economics work is the governance. When investing in the tokens, you’re not investing the company who started the project. Instead, you are buying a portion of the entire network. Most of the massive decentralized protocols will be open source projects that no one organization will control.

“It is for the first time in the entire history of humanity that we are able to trust a group of strangers more than an individual familiar face. It seems that we’ve finally learned the lesson that if we all work together honestly, we don’t need an authority upon us telling us what to do and what not to do. This realization is truly disruptive and will change the world in more ways than one,” added Mohit.

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