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Billion Blogs Launches Influencer Platform with Eye on Billion Dollar Valuation in 3 Years

The team says they have been rated the fastest growing product in the marketing technology space by Nasscom and Ficci.

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Will Billion Blogs become a unicorn in 3 years?

Billion Blogs wants to be the world’s first integrated influencer marketing platform ( It’s designed to be an innovative marketplace that helps brands enhance their brand credibility and reach on the digital platform through various social media influencers, celebrities and commoners and has officially gone into beta phase. For the first time in the influencer ecosystem, Billion Blogs is adding layers of endorsements by adding celebrities and common people to the influencer ecosystem. With an approach to drive real conversations by common human beings, Billion Blogs will be eyeing a billion dollar valuation in the next 3 years.

Over the years, influencer marketing has become an influential form of communication on social media. With the ever changing social landscape, Billion Blogs will give brands access to influential social media heroes and celebrities at one end and on the other end it focuses to bring the common people to this landscape to drive social voices and consumption.

Billion Blogs says on its website that their platform has over 300,000 social media influencers across the globe and has extended their footprints across Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, UAE and some parts of Europe, adding 29 influencers and 2 brands every hour.

Billion Blogs was founded by Influencer Marketing evangelist Ashutosh Harbola who has worked with content across roles in companies like Blogmint, Tangerine Digital, TO THE NEW, Network 1 Media, Planman Media. The other founder is Anshul Agarwal, a veteran in the VAS and telecom space. Both cofounders are on a mission to change the global landscape of influencer marketing with cross functions and cross industry experience.

Ashutosh Harbola, cofounder and CEO, Billion Blogs said, “The Influencer Marketing landscape in India is at the inception point and there is a journey to cover. Since, it is focused on just Influencers today, there is major scope when it comes to consumption audience - the Common Man. We as a platform are focusing on the common man considering them to be a more influential medium to drive word-of-mouth and we are confident in the next 3 years our valuation will cross a billion dollars with a B2C approach.”

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