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Bespocut - The Fastest Way to Launch Your Bespoke Business

Bespocut is today a fast growing organization with over 15 full-time employees with over 6 in marketing and business development.

Ashok H Garg, Chairman and Managing Director, Bespocut
Pradeep Kumar Founder and CEO, Bespocut
Pritish Aggarwal, COO, Bespocut
Ashish Garg, Managing Director, Bespocut

The Bespocut story began a long time ago in 2002, when the founder Pradeep Kumar was running his custom tailoring business. He had started with an idea of doorstep tailoring and focused on expatriate community in Delhi and Corporate houses in Mumbai. Dialablazer succeeded tremendously as the convenience and quality were much appreciated. However, the realized that while the demand for this service is tremendous, there are many obstacles before this concept can be reliably scaled. Sourcing quality cloths, trims, and accessories was a key issue. While traveling all over the world to ensure supply, the seeds of Bespocut started germinating.

While Pradeep was discussing this with many potential partners and investors, he used to discuss his concept with his neighbor and friend Ashok Garg. Garg became interested in the concept and soon came aboard as a partner and has guided the venture with his experience of running his ASKA group for 30 years. Together they decided to launch Bespocut to meet the needs of the fast-growing bespoke clothing industry. They decided to launch Bespocut as a venture of Aska E-commerce Solutions.

Today, Bespocut is helping designers and entrepreneurs start their bespoke business with its Virtual Studio Kit. An app enabled, cloud-based system that integrates international logistics and comprehensive service, Bespocut is just the partner designers need to service their clients. The main challenge is that since there is nothing like Bespocut, it’s often mistaken for a bespoke clothing brand itself. 

Bespocut calls its clients, the designers, tailors and entrepreneurs who provide bespoke services; Style Partners. They become Style Partners after paying a deposit for the Kit and training and a nominal annual subscription fee. Revenue is generated through the sale of fabrics and materials ordered by Style Partners via the app. So the Style Partners are the sales channel of the company. This model is poised to disrupt an industry that has for long been held hostage by an age old distribution model, distributors, and stockists. Also, the Bespocut model eliminates the need for various business start-up expenses, such as inventory holding and or warehousing costs, shop deposit and running costs. Besides this, it frees the Style Partners to focus on their clients and run around for reliable sourcing.

The company plans to appoint 500 Style Partners across India on the first phase, In the second phase, conversion facilities will be created to facilitate factory made conversion for its Style Partners and finally, it will launch its kits and app for International Style Partners.

Style Partners do not have to face typical challenges like having to make an investment in stock buying and storage, staff salaries and completely get rid of a ‘dead stock’ situation. Losses through theft, pilferage, and spoilage too are eliminated. This ensures that break-even is swift and profit is maximized. The aim is to help SP’s successfully and ethically launch and develop their labels and brands and turn them into global powerhouses.

The market size for bespoke in India is not available and it is often clubbed with the luxury industry as those figures are more easily available. But the opportunity is clearly huge. Bespocut aims to provide the same standard of materials that bespoke tailors in Savile Row and Milan provide. Leveraging the buying power and sourcing skills of Bespocut, it‘s Style Partners will offer bespoke solutions at cost prices that are far far lower than current market prices, hence will operate in the premium to super premium and luxury segments of the market. But they will be able to provide a luxury standard at premium prices. That is the USP of working with Bespocut.

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