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Ashu Kajekar

A techno-marketer and a serial entrepreneur, Ashu has been an internet visionary who has helped 7EDGE transition into a full-fledged internet-based consulting and strategic solutions company. When he started 7EDGE, his goal was to ensure that the organisation develops into an unique identity not just from a cultural perspective but also from a business domain perspective.

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Believing in ‘Internet First': Brands To Understand Online Consumers

With an expected 500 million internet users in India By 2017, brands understand the massive opportunity to reach out to their consumers. This is important in the context of growing internet and digital penetration in India – brands understand that digital is the way forward.

It’s the new-age, modern way of strategizing a brand in the ubiquitous, digital world of the day, all through the means of hyper-advance technology. Also, internet plays a pivotal role in digital marketing, social media, digitalization, digitization and others where various products and services are put forth to grab attention of innumerable netizens.

Whether it’s on a computer, a smart phone or tab, through this brilliant way of high-impact marketing, a business can reach out to any customer using one of these means, anywhere. The reach and grip of this method go beyond all geographical barriers. It’s for the fact that this mechanism is way more effective, convenient and rewarding that more and more number of businesses are jumping onto the bandwagon of digital marketing.

While all other industries are struggling with a growth rate of 5 to 10 %, digital media industry is booming high with 40% growth rate. But the most remarkable point is that this growth rate is not going to be stagnant in the coming years. Digital Marketing skills in demand - Since marketing is the most important function for any business. New era of marketing is evolving i.e. digital era of marketing. Growth of digital world has changed the media consumption. Old traditional marketing methods are not enough to reach targeted customers. With an expected 500 million internet users in India By 2017, brands understand the massive opportunity to reach out to their consumers. This is important in the context of growing internet and digital penetration in India – brands understand that digital is the way forward.

7EDGEs Journey
The organization was born in an era where a lot of internet concepts including Social Media Management were in its nascent stages. Against this background, one of the challenges was gaining acceptance about the internet trends and technologies amongst an audience comprising mid to senior level marketers and technologists across organisations. Headquartered in Bangalore, 7EDGE Internet Private Limited is an ‘Internet First’ company that enables internet journeys for brands and businesses through their delivery portfolio comprising internet-based consulting services and strategic solutions.

7EDGE was founded by Ashu Kajekar in 2009, during his third year of Engineering and he has been a serial entrepreneur ever since. He is also on board with other companies as well. His vision for the internet combined with a core passion for bridging the gap between marketing and internet-technology and the desire to bring about a change in the digital space led to great ideas and innovations. Ashu was always determined and focused towards his thoughts of using internet tools to promote any brand or business and today stands successful in changing the perceptions brands had with internet/digital marketing, digitization, social media impact, analytics and so on. Today Ashu aims to be a leader in the space of enabling brands and businesses with their internet journeys by leveraging the power of the internet.

What sets Ashu’s vision apart from other players in the market, is the inherent strength to equip itself with knowledge to identify the needs of brands and businesses, ability to strategize a requirement, and understand the most optimum way to implement internet-based strategic solutions and consulting services that take into cognizance the best of internet trends and technologies. The perspective on being valuable to customers and other stakeholders is based on an inherent ability to think, a strong focus on planning, and a commitment to deliver. These aspects are essential to deliver quality solutions and build a longstanding culture of professionalism. It aims to be the organization of choice, for everything internet because of its passion for, knowledge of, and understanding of the internet coupled with its ability to strategize, solve, and scale, thus enabling brands, enterprises, start-up incubators, etc. reach their true performance potential with internet based technologies. It is also has a keen focus on entrepreneurs seeking product incubation across various geographies.

Today, the organization has engaged with over 60+ companies and 80+ brands across India, Malaysia, Nigeria, and US in the areas of Strategic Consulting, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web & Mobility, DevOps, Big Data, and Internet of Things. 7EDGE also has partnerships with industry leaders such as Adobe, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Elastic, Google, New Relic and Puppet. 7EDGE relies on time and material, fixed-bid, and commission based monetization models for its revenues across the range of services it renders to its clients. Between FY 2015-16 and FY 2016-17, 7EDGE has experienced a 100% growth in revenues close to 1 Million USD.

The organization has worked with some of the leading brands such as; 3M India, Arvind Brands, Asianet Newsable, Suvarna News, BPL TV, Indigo 91.9, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Black Dog, Infosys, , McDowells No.1 (India, Malaysia, and Nigeria), Royal Challenge, Arrow, Nautica, WIPRO GE Health Care, Sapient Consulting and others. 7EDGE delivers on its Internet First philosophy through its expertise in Programmatic Media Buying, SMAC (Social, Mobile, and Analytics & Cloud), Automation, Digitisation, Digitalisation, Digital Transformation, and Artificial Intelligence to help organisations harness the true potential of the internet.

In the last 6+ years, the organization has made a mark for itself in the space of internet-based consulting services and strategic solutions, through its offerings to a clientele based across multiple geographies. In the long run, it aims to impact brands and businesses with its ‘Internet First’ philosophy across the world by creating a global footprint. The prevalent trend and a shift in businesses embracing the internet at various touchpoints and most organisational and business functions means a lucrative market and therefore a good run for 7EDGE.

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