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Sarvesh Shashi

Sarvesh Shashi is the CEO at Zorba Yoga.

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Being a Jack of All Trades - The Key Motto of a Successful Entrepreneur

When you decided to be an entrepreneur, you have decided to walk on a different path. A path where you will be responsible for delegating as well as executing.

A Stanford Business School survey confirms that those who have had a variety of jobs and experiences are more likely to start their own companies. If you are ready to experience entrepreneurial success, be prepared to work. There aren’t any programs that are going to magically eliminate or reduce the workload that is required to be successful.

As an individual, I have always been fascinated in learning and trying out new things – be it in life or in business. Like every other entrepreneur, I too am extremely passionate about my business. However, some entrepreneurs are focused on one thing, and others seem to spread out their minds with all sorts of ideas. Through this post, I want to share my experience a “Jack of All Trades” and how focusing on your core business will help you out in the long run.

The Positives of Being a Jack-of-All-Trades

Reading up on a wide range of subjects and learning different skills means you will not only develop unique abilities but also a unique way of looking at your business activities. Such perspectives will help you innovate constantly and will also enable you to connect unrelated ideas; thereby increasing your creativity.

Smartness overcomes everything

As a leader, an entrepreneur, you should be capable enough to lead both technical as well as non-technical employees. While you will not be expected to do all the work yourself, it always helps to have knowledge of the subjects, which will make your understanding more comprehensive. You will have a precise of view of what, why, when and how you need things to be done and no one will be able to fool you. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need this.

Build your strengths, strengthen your weakness

An entrepreneur needs to have diverse knowledge on key areas such as hiring, accounting, marketing, communicating, etc. However, to stand out from the pack, you also need to master one or at least two expertise. Every entrepreneur has a common dilemma in the beginning - should I focus on my strengths or my weaknesses? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make an effort to strengthen your weaknesses. I’m saying that you should focus 80% of your efforts on mastering the skill-sets that will position you for success, and 20% of your efforts improving your weaknesses. Being the jack of all trades only pays off if you can use it as the backbone of a trade you can master.

In conclusion

Working for someone else is not an easy job, neither is it easy to manage people working under you. When you decided to be an entrepreneur, you have decided to walk on a different path. A path where you will be responsible for delegating as well as executing. So, as a leader, it is imperative that you build a strong team and work with them.

The pursuit of focusing on your interest and making money will eventually lead you on the path to success. So constantly push yourself to learn and explore new avenues of your business. This will also have a rub-off effect on your employees and will create a holistic working culture for your organization.

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